The latest updates from Tiger Woods' Facebook feed.
The latest updates from Tiger Woods' Facebook feed.
Dubious and far-fetched ideas.
Dec. 9 2009 6:10 PM

Tiger Woods' Facebook Feed

It's complicated.

Tiger Woods Just wanted to let everyone know I'm fine, but the fire hydrant didn't fare so well. Hah hah. Elin acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me.
TMZ posted an article: Tiger and wife argued before crash.
Tiger Woods posted an Event: Tiger lost his phone!
Wow, can you believe someone stole my cell phone? So if you're in my phone, you might want to change your voice mail. Huge. Quickly. Bye.
TMZ posted an article: Tiger's alleged mistress: I never saw his putter.
John Edwards wrote on Tiger Woods' Wall:
Deny it all. No one believes the tabloids, right?
Tiger Woods posted a note: I have let my family down.
John Edwards
I tried.
Sergey Brin
So that's why everyone is Googling “transgressions” right now.
Gloria Allred and Rachel Uchitel are now friends.
Tiger Woods became a fan of Privacy.
Chinese TV posted a video: Re-enactment of Tiger Woods' accident.
Kobe Bryant wrote on Tiger Woods' Wall:
Hey, let me know if you need the name of a good jeweler.
Elin Nordegren posted a photo: New House.
Kobe Bryant
I see you went in a different direction.
Jamie Grubbs, Jamie Junger, and Kalika Moquin joined the group Tiger Woods Fan Club.
Phil Mickelson wrote on Tiger Woods' Wall:
I guess I'll quit cracking jokes about your inferior equipment.
Jesper Parnevik sent Elin Nordegren a gift: Driver.
Holly Sampson posted a video: My latest project.
Bryon Bell wrote on Tiger Woods' Wall:
Hey, how's it going? Can't wait for my bachelor party, best man. I know you have something hot planned. Tell me it's Vegas!
Mark Sanford, Rick Pitino, and Alex Rodriguez sent friend requests to Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods
Really, guys?
Cori Rist, Mindy Lawton, and Joslyn James joined the group Tiger Woods Fan Club.
Joslyn James posted a photo album.
Tiger Woods added The Doghouse to the Places I've Been application.
Elin Nordegren added the Dogbook application.
TMZ posted an article: Oompas Claim Threeway with Tiger Woods.
Tiger Woods
You know, that one is so ridiculous it might actually help me.

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