Low Concept
Low Concept

More—and Less—Than a Raisin in the Sun

A review of the solar eclipse of 2017.

July 17 2017 7:05 PMRobert Mueller Needs a New TeamIn order to crack this case, he’s going to have to call on a new kind of expert.
June 9 2017 3:02 PMThe CovfefeA love song to the Paris Agreement.
March 17 2017 5:29 PMTrump Tries to Read a BookAn epic quest that echoes through time.
Feb. 22 2017 8:25 PMParenting Your Toddler PresidentThe Terrible Seventies don’t have to be terrible! Try these six great tips.
Nov. 3 2016 9:45 AMNice Things, and Why We Can’t Have ThemTime for a parent-child summit.
April 20 2016 10:06 PMVirtual MaladyExcedrin has developed a simulator that mimics the symptoms of a migraine. What other afflictions could we experience?
March 11 2016 11:02 AMThe Purloined LettersA crossword detective searches for clues to a puzzling mystery.
Jan. 27 2016 7:00 PMYou Want to Move to Canada if Trump Wins?Apply here.
Dec. 19 2015 11:52 PMStarkiller Base: The Contractor MemosBuilding a system-destroying, sun-draining superweapon is a big project.
Nov. 9 2015 2:47 PMI Think I Should Get More Credit for Killing HitlerAll I’m looking for is a thank you.
Aug. 6 2015 7:08 PMThe Ronald Raven Name GeneratorUse our widget to Rick Perrify your own name.
June 30 2015 2:23 PMWith This Withering Dissent, I Thee WedSubversive language of love from the Supreme Court’s losers.
April 22 2015 3:51 AMThe Slate Reincarnation MachineWho were you in a past life?
April 6 2015 10:02 AMThe Slate Starbucks Map Quiz, Volume 2Guess what each city is based on a map of its Starbucks locations.
Feb. 27 2015 6:28 PMThe Life Span of the Novel, From Pamela to Fifty Shades of GreyWhat the professors of the future will tell their students about E.L. James’ erotic opus.
July 15 2017 9:41 AMWho Else Was in the Room?Predicting the next revelations about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer.
May 19 2017 4:15 PMMy First Big Boy TripBy Donald J. Trump.
March 14 2017 1:48 PMThe Wayne Tracker Name GeneratorUse our widget to get a Texas oilman code name like the one Rex Tillerson used to discuss climate change.
Feb. 8 2017 7:58 PMThis So-Called Supreme Court NomineePredicting Donald Trump’s tweets in response to Neil Gorsuch’s insubordination.
July 11 2016 12:57 PMIf Donald Trump Tweeted About Triumph of the WillThe ugly, crooked media wants to make it about Hitler. Sad!
March 18 2016 7:15 PMIf You Give a Judge a MeetingA children’s tale by Sen. Chuck Grassley.
Feb. 24 2016 7:19 PMAn Inconvenient TrumpLike climate change, Donald Trump is an oncoming disaster that the GOP refuses to face.
Jan. 11 2016 5:32 PMEl Chapo Line EditsAn exclusive look at El Chapo’s notes on Sean Penn’s interview of El Chapo.
Dec. 8 2015 12:23 PMSlate Voice: “Turn Off Your Heat”Listen to Reihan Salam read his case for lowering the thermostat during the winter months.
Oct. 7 2015 10:30 AMBut I Want ItMaybe you didn’t hear me. I really, really, really want it.
July 24 2015 6:04 PMDoes Donald Trump Own It?Test your knowledge of Donald Trump’s varied holdings.
June 26 2015 1:57 PMThe Antonin Scalia “Sick Burn” GeneratorFind out how the Supreme Court justice would insult you.
April 16 2015 6:07 PMOld SoloThe deeply emotional Star Wars sequel we actually need.
March 11 2015 6:31 PMAn Open Letter to 47 Republican Senators of the United States of America from Iran’s Hard-LinersYou have opened our eyes. We are brothers.
Jan. 23 2015 5:36 PMTurn Off Your HeatLiving in a cold home will make you a healthier, stronger, better person.