The Encyclopedia Baracktannica: now with more words and definitions!
The Encyclopedia Baracktannica: now with more words and definitions!
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Feb. 21 2008 5:58 PM

The Encyclopedia Baracktannica

Now with more words and definitions!

It's hard to imagine that Barack Obama would be as big of a phenomenon if his name were, say, Tom Smith. As numerous fans, detractors, reporters, and bloggers have demonstrated, it's a name that lends itself to neologisms—everything from Barackstar to Obamania to Omentum.

We present the unabridged Encyclopedia Baracktannica, a list of words that have been Obamafied by Slate. This is a widget, so you're welcome to add it to your site. To do so, click the "Get & Share" link below and choose a service. (Update, Feb. 19: Now it's also a Facebook application. Click here to add it your Facebook profile.)

Click the "more" button to generate random definitions from the Encyclopedia Baracktannica.


Update, Feb. 21: We've added 49 new words and definitions to the Encyclopedia Baracktannica based on your submissions. In cases where multiple readers sent in the same word, we acknowledge the person who sent it first.

Special thanks to Dr. James Peykanu, who wrote in to inform us that Omentum—a word occasionally used to describe the product of Barack Obama's mass and velocity—is the anatomical term for a "big membrane in the belly that serves as the root by which the blood to the intestines flows."

Got your own Obama coinage? Send us the word and definition and we'll consider it for a future update. (E-mail may be quoted by name unless the writer stipulates otherwise.)

Chris Wilson is a Slate contributor.

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