Four theories to explain Hillary's stunner.
Four theories to explain Hillary's stunner.
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Jan. 9 2008 5:04 AM

Hillary Stuns--Four Theories

Bonus 5th Theory just added!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Obama goes after Edwards: Hillary's not even Obama's main rival  anymore? ... 2:23 A.M.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Huckabee and the Pence Scam: RCP's Tom Bevan wants to know how Huckabee can reconcile his righteous statments about compassion for the children of illegal immigrants  ("[W]e are a better country than to punish children for what their parents did') with his tough new Minitueman-endorsed anti-illegal "attrition" plan. Here's one possible answer: Huckabee thinks he can square the circle with his support of the Pence Scam, which would require illegals to "touchback" in their home countries before letting them right back in again. It won't work because the Pence Scam is ... well, a scam. But I suspect it will beHuckabee's answer, if he has one at all.... Update: As predicted, Huckabee responds by declaring that"immigrants and their families here illegally would have to return to their home countries."  But he's also said that in "days, maybe weeks" these people "could come back in the workforce"---jumping the queue of those waiting to come legally. In effect, amnesty with some travel requirements.. Bevan doesn't seem to recognize the Pence Scam when he sees it.  Huckabee's obviously hoping GOP voters don't either.... 3:09 P.M.



I attempt to defend the tri-modal model of scandal coverage against withering assault on bloggingheads  here. Of course, I forgot the most important point--which is that when scuttlebutt is made public that serves an investigative function--sources are alerted and come forward, friends vouch, previously unkown emailers email, and you find out the truth faster  than you would when professional journalists keep the good gossip to themselves. That includes finding out that a rumor is false. ...

P.S.: As the videos linked above eventually succeed in making clear, I think the easy-to-fabricate Huma innuendo is one of those false ones. I'd still argue (contra Klein) that if it's being used to smear Hillary in South Carolina it can be mentioned and assessed, but I'm not pushing it. (I'm pushing the Edwards rumor!).. 2:21 P.M.


DC-centrism: Dana Milbank  is "more powerful" than the editor of the Des Moines Register? I guess everyone in Des Moines should just give up. ... 11:07 A.M.


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