New Republic says 'cease and desist'

New Republic says 'cease and desist'

New Republic says 'cease and desist'

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Aug. 20 2007 4:59 PM

You Asked For It, Yahoos!

Is Bush trying to "heighten the contradictions"?

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I refuse to get excited about "the GOP electoral power grab in California"  unless someone can tell me why, even if it gets on the ballot, it has a greater than 0% chance of passage. Sure it would be a big deal if California's electoral votes were awarded by Congressional district instead of winner-take-all. It would be 20 found votes for the GOPs.  But far more worthy, defensible initiatives routinely go down to inevitable defeat in this overwhelmingly Democratic state as soon as Dems put up ads argue they're a partisan GOP ploy. ... P.S.: The whole current controversy smells like a "juice bill" designed to keep politicos employed in the year before an election. GOP consultants will raise money to try to put the doomed initiative on the ballot and create Tv ads on its behalf. Democratic consultants will raise money to stop the evil GOP power grab. Bloggers will get something to blog bravely about. Everybody's a winner. Except it's a non-event. ... P.P.S.: But worth it, maybe to see Sen. Boxer argue that apportioning electoral votes by Congressional district won't make candidates campaign in California because the state's Congressional districts have been so gerrymandered by Democrats that only two of them would be competitive anyway! ...

Update: Steve Smith has context and perspective. ... 5:31 P.M.


Karl "I-don't-want-my-17-year-old-son-to-have-to-pick-tomatoes-or-make-beds-in-Las-Vegas"  Rove has a problem with "elite, effete snobs." ... [Thanks to reader P.S.] 2:18 A.M.



Senator Stevens gets a wee bit testy with his home state paper's editorial board Sample:

Q. I wanted to touch just briefly on your own situation and legal controversies.

A. You're not going to touch it at all or I'm going to leave. We had the understanding it was not going to come up.

Q. I understood the investigation wouldn't come up.

A. It's not going to come up at all.

Q. OK. What about your ability to be effective in Congress?

A. What about it? You're destroying it. ...

There's more. ("They taunt me  ...") .... 2:04 A.M.


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