Clintonites bug Lady Di? A possible 'why.'

Clintonites bug Lady Di? A possible 'why.'

Clintonites bug Lady Di? A possible 'why.'

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Dec. 12 2006 3:45 AM

Clintonites Bug Di? Take II

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Big Woof: Democratic New Mexico Governor (and presidential aspirant) Bill Richardson locks up another important Western state ... the state of Chihuahua!

"The [700-mile border] fence is very unpopular on the border in Texas and New Mexico, in Chihuahua," Richardson, a Democrat, said after meeting Wednesday with leaders from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. "So one of the most significant and constructive acts the U.S. Congress should take is to get rid of it."

[Isn't this the sort of Know-Nothing, xenophobic rhetoric I've warned you about?--ed On most issues American and Mexican interests align. We want Mexico to prosper; it's a non-zero-sum game; Mexico is on balance one of the better neighbors we could have, etc. But that doesn't mean our national interests don't sometimes conflict, and the border fence seems like at least one place they do, at least potentially. It's pretty tin-eared, then, to announce your opposition to the fence from Mexico. Unless, that is, you're trying to appeal to ... What?-ed. Never mind. I just felt some more Know-Nothing, xenophobic rhetoric coming on.] 8:36 P.M.

"In a free society in what is the greatest democracy in the world, I don't believe it's proper to put pressure on the media to please a particular Senate committee's view," Boxer said. [E.A.]


Huh? 1) How is Inhofe putting illegitimate "pressure" on the media? How would he do that? Doesn't he lose his chairman's power in the Senate in, like, a minute and a half? 2) Is Boxer saying politicians should never blast what they perceive as unfair media coverage, or single out particular reporters? In a "free society,"--let alone "a free society in what is the greatest democracy in the world"!--isn't the idea that everyone can criticize everyone? Even, you know, Miles O'Brien! ... Two years of Boxer will make Hillary Clinton sound like Will Rogers** ...

**--I'm looking for the opposite of shrill and bombastic here. [Update: Reader S.K. suggests "'The Dude' from 'The Big Lebowski.'" Having never seen The Big Lebowski, I don't know if he's on target.] 8:04 P.M.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

B & B Review: Brian Williams asks the tough questions about during his newscast's unctuous Iraq Study Group celebration:

"Are we at our best when our best and brightest get together and hammer out a problem like this?"