A job for Hillary.

A job for Hillary.

A job for Hillary.

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Sept. 5 2006 5:33 AM

A Job For Hillary

Plus--Shorter summer.

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All these factors tell me that national health care --at least "decent" egalitarian, national health care--will require a big increase in government expenditures.**  Something will have to give--either a) the overall quality of health care, b) the egalitarian fairness of health care, or c) the cost of other big programs like Social Security's pensions.

I say what gives should be (c), and the way it should give should be to stop mailing out pension checks to the richest Americans. Sending checks to everyone is a nice thing to do. But we can't afford every nice thing to do.

**If Robert Reischauer or Henry Aaron tells me I'm wrong, I'll reconsider. But I bet they don't. 4:36 P.M. link

One copy and maybe he was reading the interview. But two ...: Osama Bin Laden has "copies of Playboy" in his briefcase? You'd think there might be some propaganda value in that tidbit, if skillfully deployed. ... 3:32 P.M.

I see my colleague, the evil triangulator Bruce Reed, has discovered the secret of attracting hits: gratuitously mention "Ann Coulter" in your hed or sub-hed. I was onto that weeks ago. (Then I switched to "neolib." It's not the same.) ... 3:21 P.M.


Monday, August 21, 2006

He's so entitled to take this shot: MSNBC's Tucker Carlson, on Dan Abram's reappearance as an anchor (after being promoted to general manager of the network):

Over at CNN Jon Klein runs the show. Do you think he could host an hour of television? How do you think that would rate? Not well. So in the end, we're proud of Dan."

Meanwhile, Klein is still milking respectability points from his decision to end Crossfire, where Carlson once soldiered loyally before being gratuitously humiliated by Klein. Klein gets praised for his "candor." He then says ratings are not that important. "This is, first and foremost, a battle for journalistic excellence." ... P.S.: Marketwatch's fawning inerviewer, Jon Friedman, explains Klein's ratings non-triumph, after almost two years on the job:

CNN most likely won't make any dramatic strides until the U.S. acts to have a Democrat living in the White House.

How will that work? Doesn't being in opposition tend to help ideological media institutions like FOX? [Via TVNewswer, Romenesko] ... Down the Enemies List: Meanwhile, BMW designer Chris Bangle, the Jon Klein of the auto industry, tells a Britain's Independent: