We delude. You Decide.

We delude. You Decide.

We delude. You Decide.

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April 9 2006 3:18 PM

We Delude, You Decide

Do pols actually believe the press clips on immigration?

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Bradley asks, pointedly, "Was this rally necessary to defeat a bill that George W. Bush does not support?" But yes, there's certainly a good chance that a bill George W. Bush does not support will pass--and this rally will help it pass. ... More: For a contrary view, see Marc Cooper's post.  ... 4:37 P.M. link


Hollywood veteran Rob Long, after watching Lazy Muncie on YouTube, validates Glenn Reynolds' thesis--that technology is empowering ordinary people to beat large organizations, including Big Media--as it applies to the comedy industry:

So what does it say if you're Lorne Michaels -- the guy who runs Saturday Night Live -- or, for that matter, the head of comedy development for pretty much any network -- and it turns out there are two funny guys in Muncie who don't really need you to give them permission to make a funny little movie because You Tube is their network and You Tube doesn't have a vice president of comedy development to say, "Yeah, yeah, um, I just don't see where this goes. Can it be about people in their 30's juggling relationships and their careers?" And if there are two guys in Muncie, how many are there in Fort Wayne? Or South Bend? Or Indianapolis? And we haven't even left Indiana yet.

Update: But see ... 12:12 P.M. link

They   sneered whenkausfiles wrote about gang activity in affluent Santa Monica, California. The police said everything was fine, after all! The L.A. Times had asked them! But now (after a high school kid was murdered) the Times is on the case. I guess that means it's real!

[School board member Oscar] De la Torre also contends that the city is reluctant to acknowledge the seriousness of its gang issues.

"I think a lot of people want to deny that Santa Monica has a gang problem," he said. "Admitting a gang problem is bad for tourism."

Police Chief James T. Butts Jr. maintains that Santa Monica's gang problems are not as severe as De la Torre and others believe. Butts said the most serious problems result when gang members from neighboring Los Angeles areas cross into Santa Monica. ...[snip] "The biggest problem we have is violence imported from Venice 13, Shoreline Crips, Sotel or Culver City Boyz in Mar Vista," Butts said, rattling off the names of prominent or once-prominent Westside gangs. "Our people get in some type of altercation with them in L.A.…. They come here to exact retribution." [Emph. added]

Hey, no problem then! 11:29 A.M.

Instapundit and I were on Hugh Hewitt's radio show Thursday, talking about what makes ABC producers sick. I tried not to agree with everything Hugh said. ... 1:32 A.M.

Frist Do No Harm, Part XVIII: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has been getting a lot of grief (from liberal editorial writers, Hillary ClintonHarry Reid  and Bush/McCain Republicans  alike) for forcing a vote on what David Brooks calls "a draconian enforcement-only immigration bill."** The implication is that Frist is simply playing crass presidential politics--moving hard right in anticipation of seeking the GOP nomination in 2008. At best he realizes that the public needs a bit of get-tough anti-immigrant medicine before it will swallow a guest worker program. But doesn't it make, not just short term political sense, but also intellectual sense to find out whether, and to what extent, laws trying to establish limits on immigration can be enforced before we change the law in ways that are bound to put new pressure on enforcement?