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Shock Robo Shock Poll Shock!

Shock Robo Shock Poll Shock!

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May 1 2006 4:28 AM

Robo 'Yahoo' Shock Poll!

Border-centric third-party beats GOP.

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Inverter, Invert Thyself: In a column criticizing Republican immigration ads as a "precise inversion of the truth," Rocky Mountain News columnist Paul Campos writes, in passing:

[L]ast week, a proposed Senate immigration bill died when Majority Leader Bill Frist refused to allow Reid to bring forward various amendments to the measure

Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, isn't that pretty much the precise opposite of what happened? (Frist wanted to have a vote on lots of amendments that Reid didn't want to allow a vote on. See Brownstein.) [Thanks to reader K.M.] 1:20 P.M.


Fred Barnes says the "immigration has flipped in President Bush's favor." He could be right! (I don't want to commit the Howell Raines Fallacy of assuming that the good and great American people favor my position.) I'll believe it when I read an article whose main source isn't "Jeffrey Bell, a Republican consultant working for La Raza." ... Novak's similar column squib--about how

Some Republican members of Congress have reported back from Easter recess to say their constituents are less outraged by leaky borders than the possible loss of immigrant workers, some from their own households.

Also reeks of thin, Bell-like sourcing. ...

P.S.:  Steve Sailer takes somewhat more vigorous exception to Barnes' article--I wouldn't use the phrase "bootlicking Bush acolyte," for example!--but has some plausible objections to the wording of the recent LAT poll questions, which seemed to show support for Bush's position. ...  It's also worth reading Sailer to see what intelligent yet off-puttingly intense full-bore anti-illegal rhetoric sounds like. ... As so often happens, kf occupies the moderate middle ground in this debate! ... 11:51 P.M.

Hillary Cares! You should too. ...  Instapundit demands "a reason why I should care" about the Stern/Burkle story! mogul Bob Wright** had the same issue. I try to convince him to care here. ... (Note: That's a "dingalink," which takes you to the exact relevant spot on the video. No need to listen to the whole thing! It's named after bloggingheads tech mastermind, Greg Dingle, who developed it.) ... Key fact: Burkle is Bill Clinton's business partner. What puts Bill Clinton at risk puts Hillary Clinton at risk. And sometimes what doesn't put Clinton at risk (e.g., doing business in Dubai) puts Hillary at risk.

P.S.: Just as Hillary's getting Burkled, Gore buzz picks up! Coincidence? Yes. But still ...

P.P.S.: Of course, you already heard it from the man himself!