From warblogger to wartblogger!

From warblogger to wartblogger!

From warblogger to wartblogger!

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Feb. 13 2006 6:10 AM

From Warblogger to Wartblogger!

Plus--kf's nominee for a Dem theme.

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I want to know more about Andrew Sullivan's readers' warts, don't you? 2:39 A.M.

Greg Packer, the MSM's "designated 'man-on-the-street' for all articles ever written"  is back, and Patterico's got him. ... 2:32 A.M.


I'm with Hugh Hewitt--Andrew Sullivan's attempt to browbeat American publications into republishing those Mohammed cartoons  seems close to unhinged. I thought the point was to defend the right of cartoonists to publish potentially offensive messages, not to embrace offense. "Yes, Western freedom really is all about dissing your Prophet!"--is that what we want to tell an Islamic world trying to decide whether to side with Western freedom? ... P.S.: Buying Danish products, on the other hand, doesn't embrace or repeat the offense but does support a friendly government unfairly attacked. ...   More discussion here [v], and here  [v]. My videoblog colleague Robert Wright is by his own admission somewhat overcaffeinated. ... 2:25 A.M.

Thie AutoSpies site--which exactly doesn't flaunt indicia of credibility--claims that GM's Rick Wagoner only has thirty days left. Beats me. (It's such an easy prediction I've made it myself  [v]!) ... The comments thread is informative, though. ... 9:48 P.M.

Brokeback meets Heartland. Brokeback retreats. Focus Features has dropped 126 theaters from Brokeback Mountain'sdistribution  going into this weekend, according to BoxOfficeMojo, presumably part of its retreat to "core markets." The film's still doing decent business, but wasn't this supposed to be Brokeback's moment to reach out and take advantage of its vaunted embrace by red state audiences? Or was the "Red State Breakout" story always more spin than reality? [Hey, they got 150 people a showing  on weekends at a giant artsy theater in Missoula, Montana!--ed If you are bowled over by that, I have an excitable blog to sell you.] ...  5:57 P.M.

David Ignatius on the irresponsibility of the privacy lobby:

Liberal interest groups are also refusing to compromise. I'm told they were urging Democratic members of Congress this week not to amend FISA. They would rather wait until next year, figuring they will have more congressional support after the 2006 elections. They also want to pursue their lawsuit charging that the president's actions are illegal.

Or maybe they're (inadvertently) being responsible--in effect, letting the administration spy without external supervision for another year before the program is formalized and restricted. ... P.S.: Is it the Constitution's fault? I agree  [v-md*] with RightWing Nuthouse--if the administration went through 5,000 phone calls and emails and identified 10 people suspicious enough to watch, that's a good ratio of searches to success, not a sign that the program is overbroad or useless (as WaPo's editors seem to believe). ... Maybe the government's not casting its electronic net wide enough. I'd rather they go through 100,000 phone calls and identify 20 people. ... And if the ratio to justify "probable cause" is really "right for one out of every two guys," as a "government official who has studied the program closely" suggests to WaPo, that shows how wildly obsolete the Constitution's "probable cause" requirement is when you're trying to catch not horse thieves in 1789 but people with weapons that can kill whole cities in 2006. ...

*: video includes moose deployment. 10:58 P.M.  link