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Nov. 29 2005 4:02 AM

kf's Big Plamegate Scoop

Pay attention this time, dammit!

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I've become skeptical of fundraising appeals, but the Pakistan earthquake does seem to be getting much less attention than it deserves (in comparison  with the tsunami, for example). Here is a link to donate to Oxfam's Southeast Asia Quake Emergency Appeal [via Juan Cole)]. Here is a recent  LAT story in which Oxfam is shown playing a constructive role. ... 10:13 P.M.

Krugman--hitless since Sept. 19: They said Paul Krugman's declining Web visibility after the imposition of TimesSelect--as measured by BlogPulse--was just a short term trend. They were wrong. According to this graph, Krugman hasn't had a widely-cited column since the Sept. 19 launch. ...Update: He's now less talked about than certain obsessive lone bloggers we could name! [Via JOM ] ...  Shutout for the "special voices": And there are currently no--zero, goose eggs--TimesSelect articles on the NYT's "Most E-Mailed" list.  ... [Our focus groups can't get enough TimesSelect items. Don't you have more?--ed. There's the rumor that the NYT has given non-subscribers a way to get around its pay-for-punditry wall by downloading free podcasts of the TimesSelect columns here.**... And the poor get podcasts! ... (I'm not a podperson and haven't tried it myself.) ...


**--For columnists other than Thomas Friedman, you might try substituting other names (such as "Dowd") for "Friedman" in that url. Who knows? ...

Backfill: The idea for this item may well have been planted by an 11/7 Independent Sources analysis, which I'd filed away under "wait and see" before having the same idea as if it were new a week later (also known as "Libbying") ... 3:25 P.M. link

A Black, not Brown, Revolt: A Martin Walker scener puts it more bluntly than Olivier Roy:

The sullen faces that gaze on the handiwork of the local rioters and sneer at the vans of the riot police are black rather than brown: Africans from Mali and Martinique rather than Arabs from Algeria and Morocco.

Dressed in expensive sneakers and track suits with designer logos, with the white wires of iPod headphones snaking from their ears, they look neither poor nor much intimidated by the police patrols that now dominate their quarter. The young blacks refuse to talk to white reporters, turning silently away ... [snip]

One of the striking features of the two weeks of rage that swept France is that so many of the rioters are black rather than Arab, though North Africans from Algeria and Morocco and Tunisia make up more than two-thirds of the estimated 6 million immigrants, their families included, in France.

Another important element is that in places where the rioters were 'beurs,' as the French Arabs call themselves, Islam and religion seemed to play only a minor role. ... [snip]

Local Islamic leaders who tried to calm the young mobs have been routinely ignored, as have the fatwas issued by the leading Imams saying rioting and attacks on innocent people are against Islam. [Emph. added]

This is, of course, encouraging.  It suggests Europe is farther away from a general, penetrating Christian/Muslim or European/Arab split than, say, Mark Steyn would have it. ... 2:50 P.M. link

Somewhere (where did he go, anyway?) Tucker Carlson is smiling: Visionary CNN chief Jon Klein's anointment of Anderson Cooper ("[h]e has broken through the clutter with his candor, his humanity and his emotional connection to the most pressing stories of our time") is showing results. Crappy results! ... Luckily, Klein hasn't led with his lip so knives aren't drawn for him! ... 3:44 P.M.

Taking Clintonism to the next level!The old Clintonism: One Clinton succeeds in making both sides think he agrees with them. The new Clintonism: One Clinton pitches to one side while the other assuages the other side.  Example: Hillary carefully maintains her appeal to pro-war voters  while her husband denounces the war that she voted for as "a big mistake." ... A two-person straddle was needed because Hillary isn't gifted enough a talker to practice the old single-player Clintonism by herself. [Didn't they use this technique before--Bill said he was for "ending welfare as we know it" while liberals were allowed to hope that Marian Wright Edelman's friend Hillary would stop him?--ed True. But you didn't have Bill saying we should reform welfare while Hillary was out in public saying that would be a "big mistake." ... Prediction: The new trick won't work. Hillary will come under added pressure because of her husband's remarks. ... The question is not just "Who has Hillary's ear?" It's whether Hillary's ear or Bill's ear is the ear to have. ... Take it away, Bruce Reed! ... Bruce? ... 1:55 P.M. link