What was Teddy thinking?

What was Teddy thinking?

What was Teddy thinking?

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Jan. 31 2005 6:39 AM

What Was Teddy Thinking?

Explaining the Dems' bizarre behavior.

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I initially gagged on Allen's "value system" comment, but here is a quote from Williams' furious 1998 dissection of feminists who denied the truth about Bill Clinton's misbehavior:

But if political opportunism is the main cause of their current blindness, it's not the only one. You can find in their reasoning a road map to everything that ails liberal feminism today: political self-dealing, class bias, and dedication to a bleak vision of sexual "liberation" that has deprived them of what was once the moral force of their beliefs.

3:48 P.M.

New Gearbox. ... 3:39 P.M.

The official  Mitofsky-Exit-Poll-Screw-Up report is out. MP is  on the case. ... 3:38 P.M.

Scandal at the GlobeMultiple layers of checks and balances missing! On a beat readers actually care about. ... Soxblog has the story (see his item 3). ... 3:15 A.M.

The L.A. Times unveils a new Sunday feature:

An experimental column that the Los Angeles Times maybe shouldn't have started, and from which it would like in this paragraph to distance itself with a ten-foot pole if possible, in which it invites outside critics--we could pull the plug on this thing at any moment, you know--to take their best shot at Southern California's heaviest newspaper.

I may have copied that down a bit wrong. I'll check it in the morning. ... P.S.: I tried to make my contribution to the Times' masochistic project as nasty as I reasonably could, confident the paper wouldn't publish it without putting it through an editorial "toning." Instead, they published it entirely intact, as promised. If it's too weak (as apparently it is!) that's my fault. ... P.P.S.: There's a wee bit of distancing going on in that intro, however. ... P.P.P.S.:  But the Times opinion pages are changing. This week they call Condi Rice "the Bearded Wise Lady" on a mock inaugural circus poster. Where were the anti-controversy police when that came down the chute? ...1:07 A.M.

Tuesday January 18, 2005

I'll Be Your Mirror: Howie Kurtz finds an "appearance problem" with the Washington Post giving $100,000 to President Bush's inauguration. But wouldn't it be worse if President Bush gave $100,000 to the Washington Post? ... Or if Time Warner, owner of CNN, gave a similar amount to the WaPo reporter who covers the media. ... Hmmm. ... Kurtz is willing to find "unseemly" appearances everywhere except in the mirror. ... [But we know what CNN is getting when they pay Kurtz to host "Reliable Sources"--ed. We do? How do we know we know? The Post says all it wants to get are inaugural ball tickets--but Kurtz is suspicious.] 11:48 P.M.