Is Pinch a cinch?

Is Pinch a cinch?

Is Pinch a cinch?

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May 19 2003 5:36 AM

Is Pinch a Cinch?

Plus: Anarchists in Arlington.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Does Jayson Blair really exist? Nick Gillespie has doubts. ... 1:52 P.M.

Needlenose defendsSalam Pax against David Warren's assault. ... 1:33 P.M.

Who controls Hollywood?

From the March 9, 2003, kausfiles:

Great Moments In Social Equality: Jack Grubman's kids enter public school! (This, according to the N.Y. Post, will be after their rejection by "at least eight exclusive prep schools" ....) Memo to Jeff Zucker: Two words -- 1) sit 2) com. ... 1:20 A.M.

From today's Washington Post:

Fox's other new series:

-"Arrested Development," a comedy about a rich family that heads to the poorhouse when the father, played by Jeffrey Tambor, is arrested for illegal accounting practices.

1:12 P.M.

First, try spin. If that fails, look into your heart!  NYT executive editor Howell Raines has now confessed that race was one reason he gave Jayson Blair "one chance too many." But didn't he deny this very thing to NPR's Melissa Block just a few days ago? ... I think so. But you, the reader, be the judge of whether Raines tried to dissemble to Block when he thought he could get away with it. From "All Things Considered," May 8:

BLOCK: ... And I wonder now, looking back, if you see this as something of a cautionary tale, that maybe Jayson Blair was given less scrutiny or more of a pass on the corrections to his stories that you had to print because the paper had an interest in cultivating a young, black reporter.

RAINES: No, I do not see it as illustrating that point. I see it as illustrating a tragedy for Jayson Blair, that here was a person who under the conditions in which other journalists perform adequately decided to fabricate information and mislead colleagues.

Now, Raines admits "the answer is yes." ... P.S.: The false "race had nothing to do with it" spin was also the official position of the Times, spouted by its spokespersons, who presumably get their talking points from on high. ... P.P.S.: Ann Coulter notes that Times has editorialized righteously about the need for "explicitly taking race into account" at the University of Michigan. Yet in the crunch it felt it had to initially deny it had done any such thing itself. Why, if it's such a great policy? ... Also see Coulter's entertainingly brutal last graf. ... P.P.P.S.: I don't know why people are so tough on Pinch Sulzberger. It's not like he brings stuffed animals to important staff meetings. ... Oh, wait. ... How did Howie Kurtz, who has detailed catharsis-coverage here, miss the moose? ... P.P.P.P.S.: It's also a good thing that people in the Times organization aren't scared of Raines now that he's pledged to change his ways. Otherwise they might  suppress columns critical of him! ... [Update: The Globe's editors have apparently come to their senses and published the ant-Raines column. It's very strong.] More: Excellent Don Wycliff column says Gerald Boyd's denial of the race factor "does not ring true," and details the perils of being the boss' "anointed" star.... More: Raines said he was at the meeting to "listen to your anger." Just don't use curse words or he'll get his back up! We want civil, moose-like anger!  (The N.Y. Post  says Raines subsequently apologized for "acting prickly," saying "I've been under a lot of stress lately.")  ...2:21 A.M.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Is famed Baghdad blogger Salam Pax coming to the end of his Western media fame cycle? David Warren has a speculative takedown here, and Instapundit links to other pungent commentary. ... Is S.P. an "anomic thirtysomething smartass," or worse? ...Update: Needlenose  defends Pax against Warren's "smear." ... 8:49 P.M.