Wolfowitz v. Perle?
Wolfowitz v. Perle?
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March 3 2003 5:23 AM

Neocon Schism Ahead?

Plus: Don't Rush Me V

Rix: Who Trix Blix? From Sunday's Tom Ricks WaPo piece on U.S. war plans:

The pace of Special Operations forces will also be stepped up. Their main focus will be denying Iraqi forces access to certain chemical and biological weapons sites that cannot be bombed for fear of setting up toxic plumes, according to people familiar with their missions and training.

Hmmm. If we really know where these chemical and biological weapons are, aren't we supposed to send an e-mail to Hans Blix? Or was Fareed Zakaria right when he said, on This Week a month and a half ago:

 I think the fear that the Administration has, the reason it is not sharing intelligence is that the inspectors will find something. Let me read to you something Rumsfeld said to The Washington Post. "If the inspectors have found something, the argument might then be that inspections were working and, therefore, we should give them more time." This is the view of the inspectors, that they are not getting American intelligence because there are people in the Pentagon who fear that giving them intelligence will make them find things.

I thought at the time Zakaria's version couldn't be true. Looks like I was wrong. ... No wonder Blix hasn't come up with much.  ... 11:53 P.M.

Unity Doesn't Last Like It Used To:

March 3, 2003

Democrats Pulling Together United Front Against G.O.P.


ASHINGTON, Feb. 28 — Out of power, groping for a voice in an unfamiliar wilderness, Democrats in Congress have begun to put aside their differences and coalesce around a sharpened new criticism of President Bush's domestic policies. ...

Democrats On Hill Split On Agenda
Divisions Weaken Attacks on Bush

By Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 4, 2003; Page A01

Nearly four months after unexpected election losses prompted a reevaluation of their priorities, congressional Democrats are conflicted over their party's direction, deeply divided over Iraq and struggling to agree on a domestic agenda. ...

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