Wolfowitz v. Perle?

Wolfowitz v. Perle?

Wolfowitz v. Perle?

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March 3 2003 5:23 AM

Neocon Schism Ahead?

Plus: Don't Rush Me V

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Not so fast! The New York Times may have stopped advertising the dangerous diet supplement ephedra on its site, but (as an alert reader points out) kf was incorrect in reporting that all ads, even questionable ones, have stopped. If you look for articles with the keyword "steroids" on the NYT search engine, you still get served ads for steroids, the controversial muscle-builder ("Break through your natural limitations, and build a freaky, extremely muscular physique."). ...Update: Kaimi Wenger thinks he's figured out what is going on. ... 11:15 A.M.

Kf's favorite quote of last week, from an NPR interview with Amazon Brooks, Chicago's oldest voter. She is 105 years old:

I always felt like I should exercise my rights as a citizen even if I wasn't lookin' for no favors. I've never had to ask for any favors so far ....

12:47 A.M.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down an Arizona state law requiring that political action committees give candidates 24-hour notice before running ads about them in the last 10 days of a campaign. The mysterious blogger "Edward Boyd" thinks this bodes ill for the outright ban on last-minute independent ads in the new federal McCain-Feingold law. ... Boyd notes that the Ninth Circuit three-judge panel included Richard Paez, one of President Clinton's more liberal appointees. ... The opinion in PDF form is available here. ... 1:52 P.M.

Times Caves, Wenger Gets Results! As predicted, the mighy New York Times appears to have rapidly surrendered in the face of lone blogger Kaimi Wenger's criticism of its ephedra ads. Good for the Times. ... Wenger claims victory here. He appears to have killed not only the ephedra ads, but all of the NYT's Google-served ads. ... Total elapsed time between Wenger's first post and the Times' capitulation: under 94 hours. But it was over a weekend --otherwise it wouldn't have taken so long! ... Update: Not so fast! It turns out the NYT is still pushing steroids. See above. ... 12:21 P.M.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

Kerry: He's On Your Side! Kf hears that the winner of the Shrum Primary (i.e. the candidate consultant Robert Shrum will work for) is .... Sen. John Kerry. ... Aargh! Wrong choice, Bob! ... Kerry's "on your side!" or soon will be -- "I'm on your side!" being the near-inevitable message of a Shrum candidate. ... The Kerry campaign now has a critical mass of perennial kf targets -- Kerry himself, Shrum (a great guy, but tragically a true believer in an inappropriate"populism"), and overspinner Chris Lehane. Time to send in the inspectors. ...  Update: You can't say  The Note doesn't think this is an important story! [Didn't you beat the NYT's Adam "Deep Six" Nagourney on this by, like, hours?--ed. Thanks for noticing!] .. For Joe Klein's Slate Shrum critique, click here. Klein presciently argues that Kerry makes a poor Shrumian "populist," but is "a cinch for Shrum's other eternal riff: the Next Kennedy." ... As if "J.F.K." needed Shrum to tell him that! ... 5:45 P.M.

'Florocchio' Redux? The New York Post reminds readers of another recent credibility-enhancing statement from Conde Nast's Steve Florio. When rumors circulated in the past few weeks that veteran GQ editor Art Cooper was about to retire, Florio declared:

"It is so much b.s. ...It keeps rearing its head. I'm sure some day it will happen and it will be a mutual decision, but it's not today and it's not tomorrow."

It wasn't b.s., of course. Cooper announced his retirement yesterday. ... For more on Florio's rep (including his inspiring minor league baseball career!) here's a relevant Fortune article. ... Hey, isn't this the same Florio who tells us that the New Yorker is now making a profit? I think it is! ... [Maybe Cooper just spontanteously decided to retire, the way Conde Nast says--ed. You believed that? It's not what Sridhar Pappu  reports.] 4:25 P.M.

Powerful David Ignatius column  likening Donald Rumsfeld to Robert McNamara. But Rumsfeld's such an appealing figure, you say? Well, McNamara's appealing too -- one of the most impressive people I've ever met. Too bad about the path of devastation he's left in his wake. ... 4:11 A.M.