Why Tom Hanks isn't overpaid like those greedy CEOs.

Why Tom Hanks isn't overpaid like those greedy CEOs.

Why Tom Hanks isn't overpaid like those greedy CEOs.

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July 15 2002 2:58 PM

Why Tom Hanks Isn't Overpaid Like Those Greedy CEOs

Plus bilingualism, miscegenation, adultery and Dick Gephardt!

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Time.com reports that Abu Qatada, the alleged "spiritual leader and possible puppet master of al-Qaeda's European networks," is "tucked away in a safe house in the north of England, where he and his family are being lodged, fed and clothed by British intelligence services." Time and OpinionJournal imply that the Brits are "sheltering a puppet-master" because they fear "al-Qaeda reprisals."...  But what makes everyone so sure Abu Qatada is not being  ... you know,  tortured? If he were having secrets wrung out of him, wouldn't a nice story in Time about how he's being kept safe be just the thing to throw everyone off track? ... Connect the dots! ... 4:00 P.M.

37 is a lot of percentage points. So why does Bush need to appease various interest groups and voting blocs as if he had only a 3 point lead? ... [Link via Drudge ] 3:45 P.M.

Violence, right or left? Kf friend J.R. emails with a not-atypical reaction to my earlier, incomplete discussion of left-wing violence:

    Seems to me the violence in American politics -- incipient and actual -- has been mainly on the right for most of the last three decades.
    Whatever else one says about the left -- if you can find them -- they aren't the ones with the guns.

But that's the point!. In recent years, most of the anger, and violence, has indeed been on the right. Bill Clinton's presidency was almost perfectly calculated to cause a vast buildup of right-wing rage. (Here was a man of dubious morality, who lied, who claimed to be a "new" kind of Democrat and who was getting away with it!) As recently as December, 2000, it was pretty clear that Bush won the Florida recount, in part, because the right was simply more pissed off than the left -- which was why the prospect of a Gore recount victory, followed by a fight in the Florida legislature and the House of Represenatives, must have been so unappealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. (As it was, we did have one  lawless Republican semi-riot, in Miami- Dade, which was then celebrated on the ed page of the Wall Street Journal.)


But now, it seems to me, there's started to be more pent-up rage on the left. Now, Bush is the one 'getting away with it.' The American left, however tame by European standards, is giving up substantive ground (vouchers, welfare, taxes) and, even more frustrating, left-of-center politicians must stifle their criticisms in the name of patriotism.


I wasn't suggesting that unions, or even their fringe backers, would be the new instigators of violence in this country -- or that labor issues would be the issues that ignited lawlessness, as in Italy (where two economists who wanted to relax labor protections have been assassinated). Violence seems much more likely to come from radical environmentalists or fringe anti-globalists. (According to the Washington Times, one radical enviro group plans to publish a directory of 'the individuals responsible for the widespread crimes against nature perpetrated by humanity upon the earth and its creatures." This directory could be misused.)