Apparently, men are finished: The fairer sex won big at Tuesday's Slate/Intelligence Squared U.S. debate

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Sept. 21 2011 5:44 PM

Apparently, Men Are Finished

The fairer sex won big at Tuesday's Slate/Intelligence Squared U.S. debate.

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So why do women seem to be forging ahead, even it if it is only a temporary trend? "Women are willing to move together as a unit, and men are rugged individualists," he explains. "They want to move together, but none is willing to stop and ask for directions. We need to move beyond our opponents' assertion that there is something wrong with that."

Later, Zinczenko took shots at his friend for the data he was citing. "Don't trust Dan and his statistics," he gibed." He's a columnist for Men's Health, and he has the hardest time getting his pieces through our fact-checking department."

Perhaps the most telling moment in the debate came during a rather rowdy question-and-answer session. The bombastic crowd was driving moderator Donvan "nuts" with two-part questions and long premises. He seemed exasperated. Then Diane Salvatore, the editor of Prevention magazine, stepped in.

"Is it true that men with power and money tend to self-destruct more than women do?" Salvatore asked. "And I think here of Oprah versus Charlie Sheen."

"That was a focused question," said Donvan happily. "That's the model."


"By a woman," Rosin quipped.

Rosin then said she was grateful to Salvatore for mentioning Charlie Sheen. "I feel like if you say 'Charlie Sheen' enough times, everyone will vote for us." 

Elizabeth Weingarten is the associate editor at New America and the associate director of its Global Gender Parity Initiative.