Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
July 15 2011 7:08 AM


Red pen.

In a July 14 "Brow Beat" blog post about the Emmy nominations, Nina Shen Rastogi mistakenly referred to the awards at one point as "the Academy Awards."

Because of an editing error, a July 14 "Brow Beat" blog post announcing Slate's new caption contest had the wrong date in the headline.


In the July 14 "Movies," Dana Stevens misidentified the English county of Devon as a town.

In a July 14 "XX Factor" blog post, June Thomas misspelled Michele Bachmann's first name.

In a July 13 "Culturebox," Dan Kois originally had the two Batman movies directed by Joel Schumacher in the wrong chronological order.

In the July 13 "Technology," Farhad Manjoo misspelled the last name of Google engineer David Petrou.


In a July 11 "Culturebox," Jan Swafford misidentified the band that performed the hit "Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love in My Tummy." The band was Ohio Express.

In a July 11 "Politics," David Weigel misspelled the names of Teresa Iglesias and Jon Bernstein.

In the July 8 "Press Box," Jack Shafer misidentified the Public Complaints Commission as the Press Complaints Commission and misidentified Wall Street Journal publisher Les Hinton as the paper's editor.

In a July 7 "Explainer," Brian Palmer mistakenly stated that climbing too steeply can cause a plane's engines to stall. It is the wings, not the engines, that stall. Also, he mistakenly stated that the phrase "pushing the envelope" dates to WWII. The phrase "flight envelope" dates to WWII, but "pushing the envelope" is more recent.

In a July 7 "Culturebox" Jason Zinoman stated that the movie The Fly (1958) ended with a shot of a fly with Vincent Price's head. The human head does not belong to Vincent Price.

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