Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Corrections from the past week.

Slate's mistakes.
Sept. 12 2003 11:44 AM


The Sept. 11 "Jurisprudence" column originally misidentified Lisa Murkowski as a senator from Arkansas. In fact, Sen. Murkowski represents Alaska. This error was introduced at the copy-editing stage.

In a Sept. 10 "Press Box" column, Jack Shafer misstated Gerald Posner's description of his anonymous source. The column stated that Posner told Time magazine the source was a name "you probably wouldn't recognize" when he said the opposite: Posner told Time the name was one "we would probably know if he told it to us." The error was compounded by stating that Posner's source wouldn't be one of the "usual suspects."

In the Sept. 8 "Supreme Court Dispatch," Dahlia Lithwick mistakenly wrote that BCRA's ban on "issue ads" barred parties from spending soft money on thinly disguised "issue ads" that attack specific candidates. McCain-Feingold actually bars trade unions and corporations from directly financing such ads.


In a Sept. 8 "Sports Nut" column, Robert Weintraub implied that Buffalo Bills safety Lawyer Milloy intercepted a pass in his team's season opener. He tipped a pass to a teammate, but he did not make the interception.

In a Sept. 7 "On the Trail" dispatch, Chris Suellentrop originally misstated the location of the place where he trailed John Edwards. It was northwestern Iowa, not northeastern.

In a Sept. 5 "Food" article, "Romancing the Microbe," Sara Dickerman originally and incorrectly called the American Cheese Society's winning cheese Cowboy Creamery Red Hawk, when, in fact, this cheese is called Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk.

In the Sept. 5 "Today's Papers" column, Holly Bailey incorrectly described Zach Wamp as a congressman from Pennsylvania. In fact, Rep. Wamp represents Tennessee's 3rd District.

In an Aug. 22 "Chatterbox" column, Timothy Noah inadvertently passed along a typo from a CNN transcript rendering Arianna Huffington's complaint about Arnold Schwarzenegger as follows: "Schwarzenegger ... has [former California Gov.] Pete Wilson, for heaven's sake, cheering his campaign committee." The word "cheering" should have been "chairing."

In a Sept. 19, 2002, "Television" column on football shows, Virginia Heffernan wrote that commentator Phil Villapiano wears a ring from an AFC Championship game. In fact, he wears a Super Bowl ring. (Though the article ran last September, the mistake was only recently brought to our attention.)

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