A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

A roundup of recent corrections in Slate.

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 22 2003 12:28 PM


In his Aug. 20 "Explainer," Paul Boutin originally wrote that Rep. Bill Janklow, R-S.D., struck and killed a motorcyclist. In fact, the motorcyclist died after hitting the rear driver-side door of Janklow's car, and prosecutors say Janklow may have run a stop sign at the intersection just before the crash.

In an Aug. 18 "Explainer," Brendan I. Koerner wrote that America's electricity system consists of three regions. In fact, only the lower 48 states derive power from the three interconnections he mentioned. Hawaii and Alaska are on separate grids.

In his Aug. 15  review  of Freddy vs. Jason, David Edelstein stated that Dead Alive was Peter Jackson's debut feature; Jackson had actually made several prior films (1987's Bad Taste and 1989's Meet the Feebles among them). Edelstein also stated that the hero of Dead Alive uses a chainsaw to dismember zombies, when in fact he uses a lawn mower, and that the hero's mother is among the zombies, when she is not.


In an Aug. 15 "War Stories" column, Fred Kaplan misstated the name of a group related to the power industry. It is the North American Electric Reliability Council, not Center.

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