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Jan. 31 1998 3:30 AM



Prudence, drawing on her rich experience of life, will answer questions submitted by readers. She will respond to questions about manners, personal relations, politics, economics, and other subjects. Questions should be sent to They should not exceed 200 words in length. Please indicate how you wish your letter to be signed, preferably including your location.

Dear Prudence,

Are there any ticklish questions of etiquette attached to wearing a wire and recording conversations with one's supposed friends and colleagues for the benefit of, say, a special prosecutor?

Incidentally, at a time when it is suggested that the president is living out his own Wag the Dog difficulties--only it's interns thankfully and not Girl Guides--is it a good idea for Clinton to stage a small war with Albania?

--Yours,Wired, Tapped, and Internally AmusedSydney, Australia

Dear Wired, Tapped, and Amused,

Whether it's a ticklish question depends on where one wears the wire. He'd better not attack Albania. Too many people think it is the capital of New York state.

--Prudence, debugged, tapped-out, and appalled

Dear Prudence,