Sarah Palin's One Nation bus tour stops at the Statue of Liberty.

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June 1 2011 6:11 PM

"Who's Sarah Palin?"

Following the potential presidential candidate to the only spot in America where people don't recognize her.

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"What did you think, Piper, what did you take away from that?" Palin asks. Piper wears a Snoopy T-shirt and pink running shorts. There are cameras in her face. She says nothing, or at least nothing audible.

Palin leans in, coaxing her: "What does it represent? Freedom, friendship between countries …"

By now, a crowd has gathered near the ferry, and they definitely know who Sarah Palin is. "You're my hero!" someone screams. Someone else shouts, "Go home to Alaska!"

Maybe it doesn't matter what the crowd thinks of Sarah Palin. They aren't the intended audience, any more than the English tourists are. All that matters is the image of Palin that will run on TV, smiling, with her hand over her heart.