Women’s Work

The jobs recovery was supposed to be great for women. It hasn’t exactly worked out that way.

Dec. 7 2014 11:53 PMThe College Rape OvercorrectionSexual assault on campus is a serious problem. But efforts to protect women from a putative epidemic of violence have led to misguided policies that infringe on the civil rights of men.
Dec. 5 2014 7:22 PMBlame Rolling StoneWhether Jackie’s account is truthful or not, the magazine failed her, its readers, and rape victims everywhere.
Dec. 2 2014 7:03 PMThe Missing MenWhy didn’t a Rolling Stone writer talk to the alleged perpetrators of a gang rape at the University of Virginia?
Nov. 21 2014 12:03 PM“They Just Seem to Be in Such a State of Anxiety”Hanna Rosin talks to Laura Kipnis about what the heck is going on with men
Nov. 7 2014 10:37 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Katy Waldman read about Jian Ghomeshi and “the large, triumphant, tax-cutting elephant in the room.”
Nov. 3 2014 8:48 PMI Knew About Jian GhomeshiSo did a lot of people in our Toronto scene. We never said anything. Are we complicit in his alleged abuse?
Oct. 20 2014 12:40 PMThe Long Road to a Safe and Legal AbortionWomen in the South could have to drive up to 600 miles to get a procedure that is their legally protected right.
Oct. 9 2014 10:41 AMNo Nursery, No Formula, No PacifierAre “baby-friendly” hospitals unfriendly to new mothers?
Sept. 29 2014 11:43 PMLena Dunham, the BookMore shtick than honesty in Not That Kind of Girl.
Sept. 24 2014 5:37 PMPraying for a ChildThe Catholic Church makes life impossible for infertile women.
Sept. 18 2014 8:07 PMCrying RapeFalse rape accusations exist, and they are a serious problem.
Sept. 5 2014 1:43 PM“That Screaming Lady”Lena Dunham, Jill Soloway, and other funny women on what Joan Rivers meant to them. 
Aug. 25 2014 11:36 PMMy Mother’s Death Cured My AnxietyI spent my whole life worrying, until the thing I was worried about came true.
Aug. 20 2014 5:00 AMPlease Allow Me to Be Grossed Out by My Boyfriend’s Unibrow Listen to two Slate writers revisit a discussion about body image and body shaming.
Aug. 11 2014 11:53 AMThere’s No Reason to Skip Headstands During Your PeriodYoga teachers, stop telling menstruating women to avoid inversions.
Dec. 7 2014 7:52 PMOxytotsInstead of learning from the unfounded hysteria of the crack baby era, we’re repeating it. 
Dec. 3 2014 12:15 PMYou Will Not Comment on This ArticleA primer on commenting on Slate.
Dec. 1 2014 9:16 AMPregnancy ComplicationMany employers do not want to accommodate their pregnant workers. Will the Supreme Court make them?
Nov. 19 2014 6:33 AMHow the Sexiest Man Alive’s Sausage Gets MadeThree decades of what People magazine thinks women want.
Nov. 6 2014 1:06 PMStop Fit Shaming Pregnancy The ridiculous New York Times pregnancy fitness videos are making me miserable. 
Oct. 28 2014 7:57 AM“It Was Just One Thing After Another”An abortion provider on his four-month ordeal to reopen the only clinic in northern Alabama.
Oct. 13 2014 1:42 PMAbortion Is GreatA new book argues that the left needs to stop the “awfulization” of abortion and embrace it as a social good.
Oct. 2 2014 11:34 AMAlabama’s Insane New Abortion LawPutting teenage girls on trial may finally be too much for the Supreme Court.
Sept. 29 2014 1:49 PMExclusive SororityWhat Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Christiane Amanpour can’t teach us about women in TV news.
Sept. 22 2014 4:06 PMNo, Women’s Soccer Does Not Have a Domestic Violence ProblemOr, why it is very, very stupid to compare Hope Solo to Ray Rice.
Sept. 17 2014 4:10 PMCan These Women Fix the NFL?Or will the NFL fix them?
Sept. 4 2014 3:16 PMMean GirlJoan Rivers was relentless and filthy. She was also brutally honest about being a woman.
Aug. 21 2014 5:40 PMThe Bro Whisperer of Bustle Bryan Goldberg’s site for women was doomed from the start. One year later, it’s hugely successful. What’s his secret?
Aug. 19 2014 1:20 PMThe Achievement GapI excel at everything I do. I assumed my daughter would too. 
Aug. 5 2014 7:22 PMFocus on the FamilyWhat Bob McDonnell’s Regent University thesis says about his public corruption defense.