DoubleX Gabfest: Michele Bachmann; Mac McClelland on sex, violence, and PTSD; and Bad Teacher.

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June 30 2011 10:52 AM

DoubleX Gabfest: The "What Does Anderson Cooper Do at Night?" Edition

Listen to Slate's show about Michele Bachmann; Mac McClelland on sex, violence, and PTSD; and Bad Teacher.


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In this week's gabfest, DoubleX founding editor Hanna Rosin, managing editor Jessica Grose, and editor Nina Shen Rastogi discuss journalist Mac McClelland's brave piece in Good about how violent sex eased her post-traumatic stress disorder; whether Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann can go mainstream; and whether the Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher is good for women in comedy.

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Nina Rastogi raves about British actor Mark Rylance's performance in the Broadway play Jerusalem.

Hanna Rosin recommends The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What It Really Takes To Stay Married, by Iris Krasnow. The book, which is out in September, includes in-depth interviews with women from all different walks of life in long-term marriages of varying degrees of happiness.

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Hanna Rosin is the founder of DoubleX and a writer for the Atlantic. She is also the author of The End of Men. Follow her on Twitter.

Jessica Grose is a frequent Slate contributor and the author of the novel Sad Desk Salad. Follow her on Twitter.

Nina Shen Rastogi is a writer and editor, and is also the vice president for content at Figment.