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Dec. 16 2000 1:17 AM


Slate's readers are affluent … educated … and influential. And they're not just online readers … they're online shoppers, too.


Online Adults

68 percent are men, and 32 percent are women

Gen-Xers to Baby Boomers

35 percent are 18–34, 71 percent are 25–54


Average age is 41

Affluent and Well-Educated

47 percent have a household income (HHI) of $75K or higher

28 percent have a household income of $100K or higher


Average HHI is $83,126

65 percent have graduated college or higher

57 percent are professional/managerial/self-employed

Seasoned Online Users


65 percent have been on the Web for longer than three years

83 percent are on the Web five times a week or more

Savvy Online Shoppers

93 percent have shopped online in the past six months
75 percent have transacted online in the past six months


Source: @plan Winter 2001 release

Unique Users
2,388,000 unique users

Source: Media Metrix, July 2001

And Slate's readership keeps growing. More than 3 million unique users as of November 2000—that's a jump of 2 million in less than a year!


Unique Users to Slate