Slate’s mistakes for the week of Nov. 23.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 23

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 23

Slate's mistakes.
Nov. 27 2015 4:06 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Due to a photo provider error, the caption in a Nov. 27 You Must Remember This misidentified Joseph Cotten as Gregory Peck. The photo has been replaced by a photo of Jennifer Jones and Peck from the film Duel in the Sun.

In a Nov. 25 Brow Beat, Aisha Harris misidentified the Tonight Show as Late Night.


In a Nov. 25 Users, Amanda Hess misidentified Signe Rousseau as a chef and scholar. She is a food scholar, but not a chef. 

In a Nov. 24 Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait misspelled the name of the New Shepard rocket.

In a Nov. 24 Brow Beat, Joshua Keating misquoted a character in Casablanca as saying that diamonds are a “drag on the market.” The quote has been replaced with a summary of the scene.

In a Nov. 24 Brow Beat, Katy Waldman misstated that Claire Vaye Watkins set her first short-story collection in Arizona. The stories take place in Nevada.


In a Nov. 24 Moneybox blog post, James E. McWilliams misstated the distance between Sonora and Jamestown, California. They are separated by 3.5 miles, not 45 miles.

In a Nov. 24 Schooled, Laura Moser misspelled Pennsylvania state Sen. David Argall’s last name.

Due to an editing error, a Nov. 24 Slatest misidentified Jordan’s King Abdullah as Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, who is deceased.

In a Nov. 23 Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait misspelled Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker’s last name.

In a Nov. 23 Crime, Leon Neyfakh misstated the date a police officer would be charged with first-degree murder as Nov. 23. It was Nov. 24. 

In a Nov. 23 Double X, Michelle Goldberg misattributed an allegorical interpretation of The Wizard of Oz to “Oz’s biographer.” The interpretation is by Evan I. Schwartz’s, biographer of L. Frank Baum.

In a Nov. 23 Moneybox blog post, Jacob Brogan misidentified BostInno staff writer Dylan Martin as Dylan Matt.

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