Slate’s mistakes for the week of Aug. 10.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 10

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 10

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 14 2015 4:03 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In an Aug. 14 Outward, Vannesa Vitiello Urquhart misstated that Ophelia Benson was a columnist for Free Inquiry and the Philosophers Magazine. She writes for Free Inquiry and the Freethinker.

In an Aug. 13 The Eye, a photo credit misspelled architect Sarah Briggs Ramsey’s first name.


In an Aug. 13 Future Tense blog post update, Lily Hay Newman misstated the amount of money that Facebook’s bug bounty program awarded to researchers at George Tech. It was $100,000.

Due to an editing error, a headline on an Aug. 13 Inside Higher Ed misstated that colleges were inflating tuition. They are adjusting cost-of-attendance numbers, not tuition.

In an Aug. 12 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated that Jimmy Carter is 91. He is 90.

In an Aug. 11 Schooled, Laura Moser misstated that New York uses value-added modeling for teacher evaluations. It uses a similar method called student-growth percentiles.

In an Aug. 11 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated the number of medals won by the United States and Germany at the world rowing junior championships. The U.S. won five, and Germany won 11.

In an Aug. 10 Brow Beat, Willa Paskin misspelled the last name of True Detective Season 2 character Ben Caspere.

In an Aug. 5 Culture Gabfest show page, the first name of musician Anindo Chatterjee was misspelled.

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