Slate’s mistakes for the week of March 30.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of March 30

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of March 30

Slate's mistakes.
April 3 2015 4:04 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In an April 3 Moneybox blog post, Jordan Weissmann misstated that the average number of new jobs the U.S. economy has added over the past three months was 197. It is 197,000.

Due to a production error, a caption in an April 3 Sports Nut misstated that Illinois beat Arizona in the 2005 NCAA Championship. Illinois’ win was in the Elite Eight.

In an April 2 Brow Beat, Laura Bradley misstated that Maddie Ziegler danced with Shia LaBeouf in the video for “Chandelier.” They danced together in the video for “Elastic Heart.”  


In an April 2 Medical Examiner, Brian Palmer misstated that 52,860 doctors entered the residency match system from medical schools outside the United States and only 26,252 matched. In fact, 12,380 applied and 6,301 matched.

In an April 2 Science, L.V. Anderson misstated that a clinical trial of TheyFit condoms was conducted by the Kinsey Institute. It was conducted by Indiana University researchers.

Due to a production error, the photo caption in an April 2 TV Club misspelled Mad Men actor Aaron Staton’s last name.

In an April 1 Moneybox blog post, Jordan Weissmann misstated that the subjects of a study on college graduate earnings graduated in 1976 and 1989. They began college in those years.


In an April 1 Outward, Leonore Carpenter and David S. Cohen misstated the name of a city in North Dakota that offers some protections to LGBT residents. It is Grand Forks, not Grand Rapids. 

In an April 1 Slatest, Joshua Keating misspelled British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond’s first name.

In an April 1 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated that Atlanta teacher Damany Lewis was charged with a crime in a cheating scandal. School principal Christopher Waller pleaded guilty to a felony, but Lewis was not charged.

In a March 31 Brow Beat, Sharan Shetty misstated that Justin Bieber had produced no music in three years. He released his Music Monday tracks and their accompanying compilation album, Journals, in the fall and winter of 2013. He also misspelled Hannibal Buress’ last name. 


Due to an editing error, a March 31 Culturebox misstated that the football player designated as the “mike” receives instruction from the sidelines. That is not always the case. 

In a March 31 Future Tense, Stephen H. Savage misstated that many of the objects destroyed by ISIS in the Mosul Museum in Iraq were reproductions. Most of them were original. This sentence has been updated to reflect that most of the artifacts in museums in Syria, where ISIS is also threatening antiquities, have been hidden away.

Due to an editing error, the headline of a March 31 XX Factor misidentified a Maryland abortion clinic as being located in Washington, D.C.

In a March 30 Business Insider, Peter Jacobs misidentified Morehouse College as Morehouse University.


In a March 30 Foreigners, William Saletan misidentified the number of the Mozambique Airlines flight that crashed in Namibia in 2013. It was flight 470, not E190.

In a March 30 Outward, Micah Schwartzman, Nelson Tebbe, and Robert Tuttle misspelled Vanessa Willock’s last name.

In a March 29 Sports Nut, A.J. McCarthy misspelled Alexis Poythress’ first name.

In a March 27 Foreigners, William Saletan misstated that the Sandy Hook shootings took place 15 months ago.​ The shootings took place in December 2012, which was 27 months ago.​

In a March 27 Outward, Mark Joseph Stern misspelled Erick Erickson’s first name.

In a March 26 View From Chicago, Eric Posner misstated that the utilitarian imperative is to find the lowest marginal utility of money. It is to find the highest marginal utility of money.

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