Slate’s mistakes for the week of Nov. 18.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 18

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Nov. 18

Slate's mistakes.
Nov. 22 2013 4:00 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In a Nov. 21 Bad Astronomy post, Phil Plait misstated that the maximum velocity of Comet ISON when it passed the sun was 600 km/sec. The maximum velocity is 360 km/sec. He wrote a follow-up post to explain the math and physics of this.

Due to a production error, the caption for the photo in a Nov. 21 Billion to One misstated the owner of an $88 million apartment. It is Ekaterina Rybolovlev, not her father.

In a Nov. 21 Brow Beat post, Miriam Krule misstated that Finnick Odair won the 75th Hunger Games. He won the 65th Hunger Games and competed in the 75th. She also also misstated that Wiress carried a big spool of wires. It was Beetee who carried the wires


In a Nov. 21 Explainer, Mark Joseph Stern misidentified Rep. Gary Condit as a Republican. He is a Democrat.

Due to a photo provider error, the caption on the photo in a Nov. 21 Future Tense misidentified Pablo Chavez, Google director of public policy, as Richard Salgado's assistant.

In a Nov. 20 Double X, Rachel Simmons misstated that four women completed the Marine infantry combat training. Three women finished, and a fourth completed most of the hurdles but was injured before she could complete some of the final tests.

In a Nov. 20 Moneybox blog post, Matthew Yglesias based his premise that Instagram from Windows Phone app doesn’t support taking photos inside the app itself on an incorrect post on the Verge. The Verge has since updated their post explaining that “Instagram claims the app does not support in-app photo-taking, but we found that it works just fine." The incorrect post remains with a correction.


In a Nov. 20 XX Factor blog post, Amanda Hess misspelled Madeleine Davies' first name.

In a Nov. 19 Brow Beat post, Kriston Capps misspelled the name of Kanye West’s company. It is DONDA, not Donde.

In a Nov. 19 History, a panel excerpted from Jonathan Hennessey and Aaron McConnell’s The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation misstated that the Hartford Convention of 1814–15 occurred during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. It occurred during James Madison’s presidency. The original panel remains.

In a Nov. 19 Weigel, Emma Roller misstated that a Wisconsin voter ID law is being challenged at the state Supreme Court. The law is being charged in federal court.


In a Nov. 18 Billion to One interactive, Ben Blatt and Nicholas Duchesne mislabeled the Koch brothers as Jewish. Although they are reported to have Jewish roots, they are Christian. Additionally, Luis Carlos Sarmiento's country of origin was listed as Columbia. He is from Colombia. The article also incorrectly referred to Forbes’ World’s Billionaires List as the Forbes 500.

In a Nov. 18 Culturebox, Ben Blatt mispelled the surname of Where's Waldo author Martin Handford, and misstated the date of the book’s debut. The first Where’s Waldo was published in 1987, not two deacdes ago.

In a Nov. 18 Explainer, Brian Palmer misstated that Nicholas Mevoli was attempting to break a world record in freediving when he died. In fact, he was attempting to break an American record.

In a Nov. 18 Future Tense blog post, Derek Khanna misstated the contents of the U.S. proposal to the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty regarding cellphone unlocking. The legislation wouldn't ban unlocking outright, but would ban any attempts to make it legal in all cases. Permission would have to be granted on a case-by-case basis. Khanna also failed to mention that the campaign to permit cellphone unlocking that he worked on was co-led by Sina Khanifar. Finally, he defined “jailbreaking” as installing a new operating system on a cellphone, e-reader, or tablet. Jailbreaking also can refer to altering an existing operating system.


In a Nov. 18 Television, Willa Paskin misspelled the actor Tom Mison’s last name. She also misstated that Nicole Beharie is the second African-American woman, after Scandal’s Kerry Washington, to topline a network drama since the mid-’70s. Meagan Goode toplined NBC’s short-lived drama Deception in early 2013. Additionally, though Beharie is a co-lead in Sleepy Hollow, she receives second billing.

In a Nov. 17 Education, L.V. Anderson misstated that Margaret Mary Vojtko suffered a heart attack on Aug. 16. She suffered a cardiac arrest.

In a Nov. 14 History, Fred Kaplan misstated Lee Harvey Oswald's place of employment. He worked at the Texas School Book Depository, not the Texas Bookstore Depository. He also misstated that the recording revealing that four gun shots had been fired came from an audio tape Dictaphone belt worn by a Dallas policeman. The recording transmissions were recorded at the Dallas Police headquarters from a microphone worn by an officer at the scene.

Due to a photo provider error, the photo caption of a Nov. 12 Future Tense misidentified Justice Stephen Breyer and Justice John Paul Stevens.

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