Slate’s mistakes for the week of Sept. 2.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Sept. 2

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Sept. 2

Slate's mistakes.
Sept. 6 2013 4:45 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Red pen,Red Pen

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In a Sept. 6 Books, Adrian Van Young misspelled the name of Cthulhu.

In a Sept. 6 Books, Matthew Yglesias misspelled Caucasus in his recommendation of A Hero of Our Time.

In a Sept. 5 Politics, David Weigel misidentified North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre as fellow North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows.

In a Sept. 5 Future Tense blog post, Ryan Gallagher wrote that the NSA sometimes has to find private keys that were used to encrypt information. However, in public-key cryptography private keys are used to decrypt information that has already been encrypted. The post was updated to clarify the type of cryptography being discussed.


In a Sept. 5 Two Lives, Laura Helmuth misspelled John Stuart Mill's middle name.

Due to a photo provider error, the photograph in a Sept. 4 Jurisprudence had an incorrect caption. The marijuana blunt pictured was 28 grams, not 28 ounces.

In a Sept. 4 Weigel blog post, Emma Roller wrote that Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish holiday of atonement. Yom Kippur is the Jewish holiday of atonement.

In a Sept. 4 XX Factor blog post, Amanda Hess misspelled Sofia Coppola's first name.


In a Sept. 4 XX Factor blog post, Jessica Grose misstated Sarah Jane Glynn's title and the organization for which she works. She is the associate director of women's economic policy at the Center for American Progress.

In a Sept. 3 Future Tense blog post, Jessica Winter wrote that a lack of apps relative to its competitors is "central to" the network effects that have held back the Lumia Windows Phone. They are merely "symptomatic."

In a Sept. 3 Moneybox blog post, Matthew Yglesias misspelled Vermilion Bay, La.

In a Sept. 3 Outward blog post, J. Bryan Lowder misspelled actor Seth Rogen’s last name. Additionally, due to an editing error, the post originally misquoted Lowder’s colleague as saying that the gay jokes in the James Franco roast are the kind of jokes that you make about a group that is “gaining, not losing, stigma.” The reverse—“losing, not gaining, stigma”—is the correct version.


In a Sept. 3 Politics, John Dickerson misidentified Bill Nelson, the Democratic Senator from Florida, as Ben Nelson. Ben Nelson is the former Senator from Nebraska.

In a Sept. 2 Outward blog post, Mark Joseph Stern originally stated that kiss-cam operators sometimes put two male fans of the visiting team in the smooch spotlight as a "joke." In fact, the practice usually involves players on the visiting team.

In a Sept. 2 Slatest blog post, Elliot Hannon misspelled the name of Havana's Hemingway Marina.

In a May 30 Science, David Shiffman wrote that nine of the 10 most-fished species have been exploited so heavily that they are at 10 percent or less of their historical populations. The data on fish populations are not extensive enough to substantiate this claim.

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