Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 8

Slate's mistakes.
April 12 2013 4:45 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Red pen,Red Pen

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In the April 12 “Future Tense,” Joseph Stromberg misspelled the name of the town of Marlinton, W.Va.

In an April 12 “Moneybox” blog post, Matthew Yglesias misspelled economist Emmanuel Saez’s first name.

In an April 12 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misidentified Christianity Today columnist Mollie Hemingway in one instance by her maiden name, Ziegler.

In an April 11 “Movies,” Dana Stevens misidentified Branch Rickey as the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the baseball team’s president and general manager.


In an April 11 “Bad Astronomy” blog post, Phil Plait wrote that money for NASA's asteroid mission was being taken from planetary research. The asteroid mission would be funded with new money added to the budget.

In an April 11 “Future Tense” blog post, Torie Bosch misspelled physicist Brian Greene’s last name.

Due to an editing error, an April 11 "Vault" blog post mistakenly said that a 40-page book held a record for each war dog enrolled in the Marines during WWII. In actuality, each dog got its own 40-page book.

In an April 10 “Brow Beat” blog post, Aisha Harris misspelled the name of video creators Slacktory.

In an April 10 “DoubleX,” Emily Bazelon misidentified Leah Parsons, mother of a Canadian teen who committed suicide, as Linda Parsons.

In an April 9 “Technology,” Farhad Manjoo originally misstated the value of 24,000 bitcoins. At press time, they would’ve been worth approximately $5.6 million.

In an April 9 “Vault” blog post, Rebecca Onion misspelled Lynyrd Skynyrd.

In an April 9 "XX Factor" blog post, Amanda Hess misspelled the last name of Sen. Michael Bennet.

In an April 8 Mad Men TV Club,” Paul Ford misstated the name of the fictional soap opera Megan appears in. Though set in Berkshire Falls, the soap is called To Have and to Hold, not Berkshire Falls.

In an April 8 Mad MenTV Club,” Seth Stevenson misidentified Betty's husband. His name is Henry Francis, not Dick Francis.

In an April 8 “Weigel,” David Weigel misspelled Roger Ebert’s first name.

In an April 8 “Weigel,” David Weigel misquoted Margaret Thatcher as saying, “You would rather have the poor poorer.” The correct quote is, “They would rather have the poor poorer.”

In an April 4 “Culturebox,” J. Bryan Lowder misidentified the extremely serious, sombrero-wearing, gloved gentleman in an early shot from the telecast of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony as a “farmer pouring from an oilcan into a doghouse.” He is, more likely and with equal absurdity, a beekeeper pouring smoke into a beehive, which we’re told calms the beasts therein.

In an April 4 "War Stories," Fred Kaplan said that the most recent conflict between North and South Korea was the sinking of the Cheonan in November 2010. Actually, the Cheonan sank in March 2010. In November 2010, the North Koreans fired on South Korean forces at Yeonpyeong Island.

Slate strives to correct all errors of fact. If you've seen an error in our pages, let us know at General comments should be posted in our Comments sections at the bottom of each article.


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