Slate’s mistakes for the week of April 22.
Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 22
Slate's mistakes.
April 26 2013 4:30 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Red pen,Red Pen

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In an April 26 “Crime” blog post, Justin Peters misspelled Luigi Galleani’s newsletter Cronaca Sovversiva.

In an April 26 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misspelled Jim VandeHei and Mark Leibovich’s last names.

In an April 25 “Double X,” Ester Bloom misspelled Gwyneth Paltrow’s first name and Stieg Larsson’s last name.

In the April 25 “Movies,” Dana Stevens misspelled the last name of screenwriter Stephen McFeely.

In an April 25 “Politics,” David Weigel  misspelled Leah Gunn Barrett's last name.

In an April 25 “Science,” Dana Mackenzie misstated that Louisiana requires a vote of 9 to 3 to convict in a noncapital case. This was true in the 1970s, when the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of such convictions. Louisiana has since changed its threshold to 10 to 2.

In an April 25 "XX Factor" blog post, Alex Heimbach misspelled Stephenie Meyer's first name.


In an April 24 "Behold" blog post, Jordan G. Teicher identified the hormone that can lead to feelings of happiness and trust as oxycontin. The correct name for this hormone is oxytocin.

In an April 24 “Crime” blog post, Justin Peters misspelled the name of the Black Guerrilla Family gang. The post also stated that 25 alleged gang members were indicted in 2009. It was 24.

In an April 24 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misspelled Salomon Melgen’s first name.

In an April 23 “Future Tense” blog post, Lauren Kirchner incorrectly stated that HSBC is worth more than $2.7 trillion. Its assets total close to $2.7 trillion.

In an April 23 “Weigel” blog post, David Weigel misspelled New York Times reporter Nina Bernstein’s last name.

In an April 22 “Bad Astronomy” post, Phil Plait misstated that the horns of the crescent moon as drawn in a Google Doodle were pointing left. They were pointing right.

In an April 22 “Brow Beat” blog post, Aisha Harris quoted Peggy Olson as saying, “It makes you mad, doesn’t it?” The actual quote was, “It makes you angry, doesn’t it?”

In an April 22 “Culturebox,” Mason Currey misidentified The Fountainhead as Ayn Rand’s debut novel.   

An April 22 “Future Tense” blog post originally listed the incorrect date for a New America Foundation book event with Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. It will be on May 2 in Washington, D.C.

In an April 19  “Double X,” Dvora Meyers misspelled Ashley Miles’ first name.

In an April 15 “Culturebox,” J. Bryan Lowder misattributed a quote from Katherine Bucknell’s introduction to a volume of Christopher Isherwood’s journals to Edmund White.

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