Slate's mistakes for the week of Aug. 6, 2012.

Slate's Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 6, 2012

Slate's Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 6, 2012

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 10 2012 3:00 AM


Slate's mistakes.

Red pen

Photograph by Gabriela Insuratelu.

In an Aug. 10 “Brow Beat,” Forrest Wickman misspelled the name of the Carmichael family from Spike Lee’s Crooklyn.

In an Aug. 9 “Moneybox,” Matthew Yglesias stated that food trucks are among the local enthusiasms in Portland, Ore. Stationary food carts, rather than food trucks, are typical in Portland.

In an Aug. 9 “Five-Ring Circus,” Daphnee Denis stated that Paralympics tickets were given away until 2000. Tickets were sold at the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta.


In an Aug. 8 “The Reckoning” blog post, Michael Moran originally stated that George W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential election. It was George H.W. Bush who lost to Clinton. Moran also stated that the last time Wyoming went red was 1948, choosing Harry Truman 51 to 47. He meant to say that the last time Wyoming went blue was in 1964 when Lyndon Johnson won 56.6 percent of the state's vote.

In an Aug. 8 "Slatest" post, Elizabeth Hewitt misidentified Dennis Kucinich as an Indiana congressman. He represents the state of Ohio.

In an Aug. 6 “Moneybox,” Matthew Yglesias misspelled the name of the International Airlines Group.

In an Aug. 6 “Science,” Jesse Bering misidentified Dan Cathy as the CEO of Chick-fil-A. He is the president and COO of Chick-fil-A. His father, Truett Cathy, is the CEO.


In an Aug. 6 “Science,” Robert L. Park stated that humans have not ventured beyond low-Earth orbit since Apollo 11. Humans have not ventured beyond low-Earth orbit since the end of the Apollo program. He also stated that Sputnik gave birth to the Space Age on Nov. 4, 1957. Sputnik was launched on Oct. 4, 1957.

In an Aug. 5 “Five-Ring Circus” blog post, June Thomas originally referred to "Murray Meadow" at the All-England Club. The spectator area is known as "Murray Mound."

In an Aug. 4 "Five-Ring Circus," Heather Murphy stated that the 1968 Games in Mexico City was the last Olympics to feature cinder tracks. The last Olympic Games with a cinder track was in Tokyo in 1964. This article also stated that a 1968 photo depicted Lee Evans running in the 4-by-100 relay. Evans was running the 4-by-400 relay.

In an Aug. 3 "Books," Stephanie Zacharek misspelled Nathanael West's name.

In an Aug. 3 “Brow Beat” blog post, Josh Levin originally wrote that British long jumper Greg Rutherford reaches “attainable” rather than “unattainable” speeds.

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