Corrections: Slate's Mistakes

Corrections: Slate's Mistakes

Slate's mistakes.
Sept. 30 2011 7:15 AM


Slate's mistakes.


Because of an editing error, a Sept. 28 post on “The Slatest” misstated the amount of money that college student Sam Eshaghoff was allegedly paid by high-school students to take the SATs for them.

In a Sept. 28 "XX Factor" blog post, J. Bryan Lowder misspelled Chanel No. 5.


In the Sept. 28 "Robot Invasion,” Farhad Manjoo misspelled Jorn Barger’s first name.

In the Sept. 26 “Fighting Words,” Christopher Hitchens misquoted U.N. Resolution 1368, which reads that those supporting or harboring terrorists “be held accountable,” not “equally accountable.”

In an Sept. 26 “Robot Invasion,” Farhad Manjoo mistranscribed a quote from software developer Martin Ford. Ford said that in the future, “all but the most non-routine-type jobs” will cease to exist, not “all but the most routine-type jobs.”

In the Sept. 26 “Television,” Troy Patterson misspelled the first name of the actress Shelley Conn.

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