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March 2 2012 6:45 AM

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Looking for previous issues of the Slate Book Review? Here are links to every issue since our launch in March 2012.


September 2014: David Plotz on David Mitchell; Gabriel Roth on Ben Lerner; Stephen Burt on the 33 1/3 series; Carl Wilson on Greil Marcus; Amanda Katz on Sarah Waters; Tara Ariano on Nev Schulman; Jenny Hendrix on Eimar McBride; Katy Waldman on Daphne Merkin; Emily Bazelon on teens and sex; the Audio Book Club on Roxane Gay. Illustrations by Emily Carroll.


August 2014: A ghost story from Haruki Murakami; Choire Sicha on The Magicians; Rebecca Schuman on Dear Committee Members; Katy Waldman on Roxane Gay; David Weigel on Rick Perlstein; Seth Stevenson on the metric system; Mark Stern on fat gay men; the Audio Book Club discusses Roz Chast. Illustrations by Sam Alden.


July 2014: Karina Longworth on Hollywood and women; Phyllis Rose on writing and women; Amanda Hess on André the Giant; Cate Fricke on Geoff Ryman's Was; Michael Robbins on atheism; Mark O'Connell on Édouard Levé; a Q&A with Bryan Lee O'Malley; the Audio Book Club discusses My Struggle. Illustrations by Eleanor Davis.


June 2014: Ruth Graham's "Against YA"; Mark O'Connell on Geoff Dyer; Jonathan Farmer on Patricia Lockwood; Christian Lorentzen on My Struggle; Adam Sternbergh on Megan Abbott; Lara Zarum on Showgirls; Keith Pille on Tom Robbins; the Audio Book Club discusses Americanah. Illustrations by Liana Finck.

Illustration by Chip Zdarsky.

May 2014: Mark O'Connell on Dublin and Dubliners; Emily Bazelon on Glenn Greenwald; John Dickerson on Dylanologists; Amanda Hess on Asa Akira; Tammy Oler on Clan of the Cave Bear; Geeta Dayal on pranksters; Dan Kois on Sex Criminals; an author-editor conversation between Joshua Ferris and Reagan Arthur; Rachael Maddux on Susan Orlean's forgotten diet book (!). Illustrations by Chip Zdarsky.


April 2014: Felix Salmon on Michael Lewis; Mark O'Connell on Teju Cole and Leslie Jamison; Rebecca Onion on smartphone sci-fi; Jonathan Farmer on Christian poetry; Katy Waldman on war poetry; Hanna Rosin on Barbara Ehrenreich; Adrian Mole says goodbye to Sue Townsend; Tammy Oler on Captain Marvel. Illustrations by Rem Broo.


March 2014: Michael Robbins on the joy of black metal; Dan Kois on being frustrated by Lorrie Moore; Alexander Chee on Clifford Chase; Aisha Harris on Five Came Back; Amity Gaige on Walter Kirn's Clark Rockefeller memoir; David Auerbach on the return of Plato; Victor LaValle on Shirley Jackson; Heather Havrilesky on Jonathan Livingston Seagull; Hugh Howey joins the Audio Book Club for a discussion of Vonnegut. Illustrations by Danica Novgorodoff.


February 2014: Wilton Barnhardt on Elizabeth Spencer; A.N. Devers on Rebecca Mead and George Eliot; Dan Kois on Michel Rabagliati; Aileen Gallagher on All Joy and No Fun; Mark O'Connell on W.G. Sebald; Jennifer McDonald on Diane Johnson; the Cartoonist Studio Prize shortlist; Daria Rothmayr on the flaw at the heart of Amy Chua's The Triple Package; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Elizabeth Kolbert and Gillian Blake. llustrations by Gustavo Duarte.


January 2014: Troy Patterson drinks vodka with Gary Shteyngart; Mark O'Connell on Chang-rae Lee; Rebecca Schuman on Kafka; Tammy Oler on Flowers in the Attic; Hugh Howey on writing Vonnegut fanfiction; Rosie Schaap on The Trip to Echo Spring; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Adam Sternbergh and Zack Wagman. Illustrations by Matthew Roberts.


December 2013: The best books, lines, and poets of 2013; Dave Bry on Ted Williams; Nicholas Lund on birding field guides; Mark O'Connell on The Encyclopedia of Early Earth; Ruth Graham on lying down; Jessica Roake on the foolishness of teaching The Help as civil rights history; the Audio Book Club discusses The Goldfinch. Illustrations by Frederik Peeters.


November 2013: Mark O'Connell on Susan Sontag; Marian Ryan on Flannery O'Connor; Jennifer Szalai on Marianne Moore; Joe Sacco annotates The Great War; Ben Davis review Deborah Solomon's biography of Norman Rockwell; Michelle Orange on Barbara Stanwyck; Parul Sehgal on Jonathan Franzen's first novel. Illustrations by Greg Ruth.


October 2013: The SBR author-editor conversation, with Donna Tartt and Michael Pietsch; Jenny Hendrix on The Luminaries; Jessica Winter on Morrissey's Autobiography; Cate Fricke on Fairyland; Kim O'Connor on Rookie magazine; Seth Stevenson on Donald Fagen; Karina Longworth on James Franco; Joseph Thomas on why the Shel Silverstein estate won't let his biography of Shel Silverstein see the light of day. Illustrations by Peter Bagge.

The Slate Book Review September 2013

September 2013: Christpher Beha on the Times Book Review and pop fiction; Troy Patterson on Thomas Pynchon; Dahlia Lithwick on Israel; David Mitchell on autism; Kriston Capps on novels of Texas secession; Mark O'Connell on Marisha Pessl; Nicholas Lund on loving birds; the Audio Book Club reads The Flamethrowers; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Norman Rush and Ann Close. Illustrations by Dalton Rose.


August 2013: Paul Murray on a vibrant new Irish novel about high finance; Allison Hallett on a Kickstarter book success; Hanna Rosin on The Art of Sleeping Alone; David Foster Wallace's book about hip-hop; Dan Kois's mass-market marathon; the untold story of Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Winfrey; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Choire Sicha and Barry Harbaugh. Illustrations by Nate Powell.


July 2013: L.V. Anderson on Nathaniel P.; Seth Stevenson on logos; Roger Ebert's lost book; Katy Waldman on Curtis Sittenfeld; Ed Park on Russell Hoban; Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell on maternity wear; Curtis White responds to Mark O'Connell's review; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Jincy Willett and Thomas Dunne. Illustrations by Jeff Zwirek.


June 2013: Parul Sehgal on female desire; Paul Ford on Time Warped; Patrick Bateman reviews a book on sociopaths; Michelle Orange on Marie Calloway; Chuck Leung on Tao Lin; Jonathan Farmer on Frank Bidart's poems; Mark O'Connell on Curtis White; Jennifer Weiner on likeable characters; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Sarah Dessen and Regina Hayes. Illustrations by Jess Fink.


May 2013: Will Oremus on Jaron Lanier; L.V. Anderson on foodies; Troy Patterson on Eve Ensler; Patti Smith on the novel she's carried with her for her whole career; Annalee Newirtz on Nathaniel Rich; Choire Sicha on Henry James; Alice Gregory on the career of Janet Malcolm; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Claire Messud and Robin Desser. Illustrations by Lisa Hanawalt.

Slate Book Review logo by Luke Pearson

April 2013: Dan Engber on dog books vs. cat books; Rebecca Schuman on why you should never get a lit Ph.D.; Rebecca Onion on eggheads; Hua Hsu on H.T. Tsiang's lost novel; Scott Korb on baseball and faith; Chelsey Philopt on Matilda at 25; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Meg Wolitzer and Sarah McGrath. Illustrations by Luke Pearson.

Slate Book Review, illustration by Danny Gregory

March 2013: Heather Havrilesky on Sam Lipsyte; Ed Park on The Runaway Bunny; Tammy Oler on Wool; Matthew Kirschenbaum on the first novel ever written on a word processor; Jillian Goodman on Michelle Orange; John Swansburg on Domenica Ruta's memoir; the winners of the Cartoonist Studio Prize; the SBR author-editor conversation, with Amity Gaige and Cary Goldstein. Illustrations by Danny Gregory.

Illustration by Mike Norton

February 2013: Anne Ishii on Eddie Huang; Geeta Dayal on phone phreakers; Molly Fischer on James Lasdun's stalking memoir; Mark O'Connell on Adam Phillips; Allison Benedikt on how to get married; Seth Stevenson on how to date; Rachel Syme and Simon Akam on the perfect literary babes. Illustrations by Mike Norton.

SBR January 2013 Header

January 2013: Mark O'Connell on the worst novelist in history; Troy Patterson on the meowmoir; Aileen Gallagher on Rosie Schaap; Hanna Rosin on The Feminist and the Cowboy; John Lingan on Song of the South; Maura Johnston on Dick Wolf; Seth Stevenson on fonts; the SBR author-editor conversation, with George Saunders and Andy Ward. Illustrations by Nicole Georges.

Slate Book Review by Lilli Carré

December 2012: The best books of 2012; Julia Turner on whether handwriting is worth saving; Geeta Dayal on programming; Paul Ford on the Authentocracy; Chris Gethard on the Smiths; Jenny Hendrix on Evelyn Waugh; Hua Hsu on why we call everything "interesting"; a term paper assignment from Kurt Vonnegut. Illustrations by Lilli Carré.


November 2012: Choire Sicha on Ursula K. Le Guin; Michelle Dean on Barbara Kingsolver; Dahlia Lithwick on William Rehnquist; Mark O’Connell on James Wood; Jessica Roake suggests a replacement for Catcher in the Rye; Dan Kois reviews a 1997 Clueless spin-off novel. Illustrations by Noah Van Sciver.

Slate Book Review logo, illustration by Laura Terry

October 2012: Matthew Yglesias on Nate Silver; Doree Shafrir on the death of pets; Simon Reynolds on culture's remix obsession; Noah Gallagher Shannon on Cormac McCarthy's first drafts; Dan Savage on Merle Miller; Dan Kois on The Casual Vacancy; Alex Balk on being an asshole. Illustrations by Laura Terry.

Slate Book Review Logo by Bianca Stone

September 2012: Mark O'Connell on D.T. Max's DFW bio; Karina Longworth on Ellen Willis; Troy Patterson on Michael Chabon; Jessica Pressler on Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy; Emily Bazelon on Jonathan Kozol; Dan Kois on football books. Illustrations by Bianca Stone.

Slate Book Review logo for August 2012

August 2012: Jacob Silverman on critics and Twitter; Troy Patterson on stop-smoking books; Emily Yoffe on teens and sex; John Lingan on Elvis Costello's hidden memoir; Patricia Lockwood writes a poem about slam-dunking. Illustrations by Sean Ford.

The Slate Book Review

July 2012: Michelle Dean on Sheila Heti; Campbell Robertson on Joe Sacco; Emily Yoffe on Gigi Levangie Grazer; Uzodmina Iweala on Kojo Laing; the Audio Book Club reads Fifty Shades of Grey. Illustrations by Matt Kindt.

Slate Book Review illustration by Dan Zettwoch

June 2012: Fred Kaplan on Robert Caro; Dan Kois on John Lanchester; Sady Doyle on Looking for Mr. Goodbar; Farhad Manjoo on iPad apps for kids; Moe Tkacik on Washington Mutual. Illustrations by Dan Zettwoch.

The Slate Book Review

May 2012: Lindy West on Breasts: A History; Choire Sicha on Gideon Lewis-Kraus and Tom Bissell; Meghan O’Rourke on Allison Bechdel; William Georgiades on Hillary Mantel; Dan Kois on a self-published novel of an epically bad love affair. Illustrations by Nick Pitarra.

Illustration by Pat Grant.

April 2012: Jennifer Szalai on sex and the office; Dave Tompkins on Bell Labs; Emily Bazelon on Rachel Maddow; Art Spiegelman on Garbage Pail Kids; Joseph O’Neill on Nescio. Illustrations by Pat Grant.

The Slate Book Review logo illustration by Derf Backderf

March 2012: Debut issue! Allison Benedikt on What to Expect When You’re Expecting; Paul Ford on Why Have Children?; Melanie Rehak on Cheryl Strayed; Troy Patterson on John Leonard; David Plotz on Elephant and Piggie. Illustrations by Derf Backderf.



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