“I Want to Read Everything”

The characters in Helen Oyeyemi’s short stories are as infatuated with narrative as we are.

April 18 2016 12:10 PMAccountants of S.H.I.E.L.D.A clever new novel imagines the life of the administrative staff that helps a superhero organization run smoothly.
April 8 2016 4:21 PMAnnouncing the Winners of the 2016 Cartoonist Studio PrizeThe best web and print cartoonists of the year win $1,000 each.
April 8 2016 1:03 PMWorst-Case ScenariosJordan Crane’s comics explore the bad, bad places our minds can go.
April 8 2016 11:33 AM“Licked by Fire”Sallie Tisdale’s essays use elaborate metaphors to explore the morality of memoir. 
April 7 2016 7:45 AMThe Shadow of WhitenessThe characters in Athena Farrokhzad’s poems emigrate from Iran to Sweden, and find a home nowhere. 
April 6 2016 9:45 AMThe Evil PlaceWhy did a Hopi leader invite raiders to massacre his entire town in 1700?
April 5 2016 8:30 AMA Power Beyond BeautyWhat do appearances mean in Jane Eyre?
April 4 2016 9:00 AMDummies for DummiesHappy 25th birthday to the perfect guides for when all you know is that you know nothing.
March 31 2016 10:53 AMBetween Upstairs and DownstairsTo understand Jane Eyre, you have to understand the precarious status of the Victorian governess.
March 17 2016 9:00 AMKaren Hall’s RewritesA thriller writer gets a second chance to revise her novel 20 years after it first came out. Did she make it better?
March 16 2016 8:29 AMYear of Great Books: About Tristram Shandy Read what Will and Laura learned from reading Laurence Sterne’s digressive masterpiece.
March 10 2016 4:26 PMAbout Tristram ShandyEverything we learned about humor, satire, and leading a good life from Laurence Sterne’s digressive masterpiece.
March 10 2016 12:32 PMThis Land Was Made for You and MeNick Hayes’ cartoon portrait of Woody Guthrie reimagines the familiar image of the Dust Bowl.
March 10 2016 7:15 AMThe Time Traveler’s WifeDaniel Clowes’ remarkable new comic sends a husband back in time to avert his beloved’s death.
March 9 2016 3:07 PM“This Child Will Bring Me a Terrible Sorrow”A devastating memoir by Sue Klebold, mother of one of the Columbine shooters, explains what it’s like to live with guilt of “what if.”
April 12 2016 10:55 AMStories for the Square GirlsBeverly Cleary’s unjustly forgotten teen novels tell simple stories of first love.
April 8 2016 3:51 PMI’ll Be There for YouThe difficult, dangerous task of writing about a friend.
April 8 2016 12:14 PM“The Bible Is Inexhaustible”Chester Brown on his cartoon exploration of Jesus and prostitution.
April 8 2016 9:51 AMHarper Lee, the National AntidoteWhat was she trying to tell us with Go Set a Watchman? A friend plumbs its author’s mysteries after her death.
April 6 2016 4:31 PMAfter the BlastThe Association of Small Bombs is a deeply moving exploration of terrorism that destroys the tropes of the subcontinental novel. 
April 5 2016 10:45 AM“Permission for the Imagination”A passionate defense of pretentiousness.
April 5 2016 7:30 AMWorkers of the Hardwood, Unite!The labor revolution that upended the balance of power in basketball and brought Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James to the NBA.
April 3 2016 9:03 PMA Brief History of DickUnpacking the gay subtext of Robin, the Boy Wonder.
March 18 2016 9:04 AMThe Borrowed Light of the RealJoyce Maynard’s novel fails to make art from life.
March 16 2016 2:04 PMWin a Copy of Jane EyrePenguin Classics has four editions of the next Year of Great Books selection. Enter to win your favorite. 
March 15 2016 2:12 PMIntroducing Jane EyreOur next selection for A Year of Great Books is a novel of identity in the guise of a love story. 
March 10 2016 2:59 PMThe Cartoonist Studio Prize: The ShortlistsThe best print and Web comics of the year, selected by the Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies.
March 10 2016 9:28 AMLife in HellMark Beyer’s weird, wonderful 1987 comic Agony returns to print.
March 9 2016 3:30 PMHow to Fight LonelinessRead Olivia Laing’s lyrical, wise The Lonely City.
March 9 2016 1:02 PMLovecraft’s Black MonstersA thrilling novella digs into the racism embedded in the horror master’s work.