Practicing Art With Liberty and Joy

How does an ironist write about slavery? Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad.

Aug. 23 2016 12:09 PMTrollope’s Worthless Young MenThe Victorian novelist brilliantly captured the dithering of twentysomethings in love.
July 28 2016 6:04 PMTrollope’s TriumphHow Barchester Towers makes ecclesiastical politics fun.
July 22 2016 12:26 PMThe Most Dreadful Murder of the CenturyA true-crime book about a 19th-century murder that takes an unexpected turn.
July 13 2016 12:51 PMBound to LaborA controversial new novel imagines what America would look like if the Civil War had never happened.
July 8 2016 11:00 AMBen Lerner Doesn’t Hate PoetryHis new treatise The Hatred of Poetry is actually a very effective defense of the form.
July 6 2016 10:45 AM“Ten Years Ago, I Helped a Handful of Men Take My Little Brother’s Life”The South African novelist Masande Ntshanga’s woozy, touching The Reactive.
July 5 2016 7:33 PMIntroducing Barchester TowersOur next selection for A Year of Great Books is an intensely enjoyable workplace comedy from 19th-century England.
July 5 2016 9:42 AMThe Messy WomanHeather Havrilesky’s advice column urges readers to revel in their own hot mess-ness.
June 27 2016 3:00 PMWhat Should We Read Next?Help us choose the next book in a Year of Great Books.
June 15 2016 2:06 PMWhite TrashA new window into the time-honored tradition of American politicians stoking racial and class tensions for personal gain.
June 10 2016 1:11 PMThe Clerk, the Construction Worker, the Mom, and the GoldfishThe unlikely superheroes of the charming all-ages comic Power Up.
June 9 2016 11:16 AMSacred RageTerry Tempest Williams on America’s national parks and the threats they face.
June 8 2016 4:34 PMRewinding Helen DeWittThe return of her remarkable novel The Last Samurai is perfect for our streaming-video moment.
June 7 2016 11:10 AMExperts in Female SadnessThe Girls explores how ordinary men—and murderous psychos—use women to achieve their goals.
June 7 2016 7:15 AMAn Interview With Lydia Millet and Jenny Offill Two close friends on bad writing habits, creative ambition, and which lines they’d steal from each other’s books.  
Aug. 17 2016 11:22 AMWhat’s It Like to Be an Audiobook Narrator?Simon Vance talks to Year of Great Books about narrating female characters, why he uses accents, and the many voices of Barchester Towers.
July 28 2016 10:31 AMComradesJeffrey Toobin tells the story of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army.
July 20 2016 10:29 AM“The Concubine Culture Is Alive and Well”Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan’s new novel exposes the glittering compromises of the “sarong party girl.”
July 8 2016 1:21 PMYou’ve Never Heard of Charlie Chan Hock Chye?Sonny Liew’s book explores the history of Singapore—and of comics—through one fictional cartoonist’s life.
July 7 2016 11:12 AMThe Screen and the PageFor premium-cable showrunners, novel-writing is the ultimate auteur experience.
July 6 2016 9:15 AM“One Thing Is Inescapable: I Write”Dorthe Nors’ twinned novellas are a stunning meditation on female art-making.
July 5 2016 5:44 PMHear Barchester TowersA special gift from Audible for Slate Plus members: an audiobook of our next selection for a Year of Great Books.
July 5 2016 7:14 AMA Perfect 16.223Dvora Meyers explains why gymnastics’ perfect 10 went away—and why it’s not coming back.
June 21 2016 2:32 PMThe Virgil of NebraskaWhat Willa Cather’s style shows us about memory, and how we should think about her lesbianism.
June 13 2016 3:59 PMGrowing Up My ÁntoniaThe writer and radio host Kurt Andersen talks about reading Willa Cather under the epic prairie skies of his native Nebraska.
June 10 2016 9:04 AMSusan and StefánieSusan Faludi writes about her difficult relationship with her trans father.
June 9 2016 7:45 AMExtra OrdinaryPoets Maggie Dietz and Tess Taylor find the astonishment in everyday life.
June 8 2016 7:15 AMModern LoversEmma Straub’s new novel beautifully captures the breathless momentum of youth—and the heartbreaks of growing up.
June 7 2016 11:08 AMThe Paper Girls and the Alien InvadersA new comics series from the creator of Y: The Last Man puts tween girls at the center of the story.
June 6 2016 1:20 PMDispatches From the FrontCancer destroys life, but writing amplifies it.