Murdoch at the Bat

May 8 1998 3:30 AM

Murdoch at the Bat

Why corporate ownership is good for baseball.

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In that sense, News Corp. or Disney--which owns the Angels--could hardly be more venal or short-term in focus than the current crop of owners. In fact, it may well be that News Corp., which is building a national competitor to ESPN by stringing together a series of local sports networks, is more likely to work for the best interests of the game as a whole. That's precisely because it has a stake, through its TV channels, in baseball rather than just in the Dodgers. One of the realities of corporations, after all, is that they're somewhat isolated from local concerns. Traditionally, that's been seen as a vice. But in the case of baseball, the addition of a global--or at least national--perspective should be seen as a virtue.

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