2013 movies game: Match the plot synopsis to the film.
Which 2013 Movie Is Really a Story of a Scientist Struggling to Work the Radio? Take Slate’s Honest Plot…
Dubious and far-fetched ideas.
Dec. 22 2013 11:38 PM

Slate’s Honest Plot Summary Challenge

Name the 2013 movie that each plot synopsis describes.

Sure, Lincoln may be a "biographical saga" in which Steven Spielberg "takes on the towering legacy of Abraham Lincoln," according to Netflix's promotional blurb, but really it's a story about a boss who can't stop telling long stories during important meetings. That’s the honest plot summary. Inspired by "Uncomfortable Movie Plot Summaries" at postmodernbarney.com, we summarized some of 2013's defining movies. Can you match our plot synopses to the films they describe?

For each plot synopsis, type the movie’s title. If you guess five letters incorrectly, you’ve gotten that question wrong and we’ll move on to the next. Type ACTION now to begin.


The Honest Plot Synopsis Quiz

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