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Collected images.
March 9 2004 5:14 PM

More photos from Rosemary Quigley. Click here to read her Diary.

Clinic visit with Dr. BagMarch 11, 2004 
Pulmonary function test
Pulmonary function test March 11, 2004 
With the nebulizer
With the nebulizerMarch 10, 2004 
Amy, Lyssa and Kate with swollen tootsies
Amy, Lyssa and Kate with swollen tootsiesMarch 10, 2004 
With Grace, wearing oxygen
With Grace, wearing oxygenMarch 9, 2004
Grace and me, pre-transplant
Grace and me, pre-transplantMarch 9, 2004
Jeffrey and me
Jeffrey and meMarch 8, 2004
Here I am post-transplant
Here I am post-transplant March 8, 2004