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The Most Beautiful Things Slate Published in 2015

The best Slate illustrations, interactives, and photo editing of the year. 

March 20 2015 2:27 PMGorgeous Photos of the Northern LightsThe best images of the aurora borealis light show.
Dec. 29 2014 4:05 PMThe Best Slate Covers of 2014Slate’s designers make their selection from the home page top shelf.
Nov. 26 2014 12:04 AMProtest NationFor a second night, demonstrators march in the streets of Ferguson and several other cities across the U.S.
Dec. 27 2013 10:30 AMSlate Illustrated, 2013The best illustrations of the year.
Dec. 5 2013 4:51 PMNelson Mandela, 1918-2013A life in photographs.
Dec. 29 2012 5:00 AMSlate Illustrated, 2012The best illustrations of the year.
Oct. 30 2012 12:09 PMFlooded, Darkened New YorkPhotos of Sandy's destruction in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn
Oct. 29 2012 2:18 PMThe Deluge BeginsEdge of Hurricane Sandy floods the Eastern Seaboard.
Sept. 4 2012 6:16 PMThe Murals of Obama’s First TermSometimes the president is a preacher; sometimes he looks Latino.
Aug. 16 2012 6:53 PMThe Best Photos of Mars Since Curiosity’s LandingA look at the barren landscape where water once flowed.
June 26 2012 4:25 PMHow Accurately Does Hollywood Age Actors?
May 26 2012 6:19 AMSnapshots From America’s Wars
April 26 2012 11:28 AMHow To Spice Up a Dull Landscape Painting: Put a Monster On It
Dec. 29 2011 5:04 PMThe Best Slate Covers of 2011
Dec. 1 2011 4:59 PMMaurizio Cattelan Is the Art World’s Greatest Prankster. But Is the Joke on Us?
Dec. 31 2014 8:35 AMSlate’s Favorite Photo Illustrations of 2014
Dec. 29 2014 3:51 PMSlate Illustrated, 2014Our favorite illustrations of the year.
Nov. 15 2014 8:03 AMTake It to the Street!Photos of public actions this week, worldwide
Dec. 27 2013 7:05 AMThe Best Slate Covers of 2013The best covers of the year.
Dec. 30 2012 5:00 AMThe Best Slate Covers of 2012
Nov. 2 2012 6:13 PMHurricane Sandy's AftermathIt's worse than you think. Photos of the devastation.
Oct. 29 2012 6:50 PMHurricane Sandy Pounds Into Atlantic CityPhotos of the storm's wave of destruction as it reaches land.
Oct. 28 2012 2:20 PMEast Coast Braces for Hurricane Sandy
Aug. 23 2012 8:47 PMAn Incredibly Bizarre Beauty Product Quiz in Honor of Lady Gaga’s New Perfume
June 28 2012 6:00 PMWhat’s That Enormous Grandma Face Doing on That Wall?Without waiting for permission, JR turns conflict zones into art galleries.
May 31 2012 6:49 PMActors’ and Models’ Invisible Ink: A Look at the Tattoos That Brands Airbrush Away
April 27 2012 4:14 PMIt’s a Bird, It’s a Double Plane … No It’s Space Shuttle Enterprise Flying Over NYC
April 19 2012 5:09 PMThe Art of Record Store Browsing
Dec. 27 2011 4:36 PMSlate Illustrated, 2011
Nov. 23 2011 2:32 PMThe Mystery of the Little Norwegian ChessmenA new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases strange and charming chess pieces from the Middle Ages.