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Collected images.
March 29 2004 2:08 PM

More photos from Dan Crane. Click here to read his Diary.

Anyone seen my Ambien?
Anyone seen my Ambien?April 5, 2004
Mellow AND dramatic? Dude, we are so there
Mellow AND dramatic? Dude, we are so there April 5, 2004 
Je suis  content
Je suis  content  April 5, 2004
Celine Dijon, Axl Rouge, et Duckie
Celine Dijon, Axl Rouge, et Duckie April 5, 2004
Les Sans Coulottes
Les Sans CoulottesApril 1, 2004
Singing Girl
Singing Girl April 1, 2004
You're fired!
You're fired!March 30, 2004
Le Wall du Fred
Le Wall du FredApril 1, 2004
Wishing for a fish taco
Wishing for a fish tacoMarch 30, 2004
Is this vegan?
Is this vegan?March 30, 2004
Why the furrowed brow?
Why the furrowed brow?March 30, 2004
Tijuana or Bust: René Risqué
Tijuana or Bust: René RisquéMarch 30, 2004
Baby California rattlesnake
Baby California rattlesnake March 29, 2004
Must ... Get ... Sleep
Must...Get...SleepMarch 30, 2004
Je ne suis pas français
Je ne suis pas françaisMarch 29, 2004
My custom-made earplugs
My custom-made earplugsMarch 29, 2004