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Collected images.
May 2 2002 8:00 PM


More photos from Rick Moody. Click here to read his Diary.


Hughes and Cheever
Hughes and CheeverApril 30, 2002
The inside of the Detroit airport and my head
The inside of the Detroit airport and my headApril 30, 2002
The view from the Idaho to Seattle taxi ride
The view from the Idaho to Seattle taxi rideApril 30, 2002
Me and the free orange juice
Me and the free orange juiceApril 31, 2002
Ironing haute couture
Ironing haute coutureApril 31, 2002
The photographers
The photographersApril 31, 2002
The studio before the subject
The studio before the subjectApril 31, 2002
House front
House frontMay 1, 2002
Kirsten with forsythia
Kirsten with forsythiaMay 1, 2002
Kirsten with Tin Man picture
Kirsten with Tin Man pictureMay 1, 2002
View out Amy's window
View out Amy's windowMay 2, 2002
Rosie’s head
Rosie's headMay 3, 2002
Walter and Rosie
Walter and RosieMay 3, 2002
CherriesMay 3, 2002
Brooklyn cherries
Brooklyn cherriesMay 3, 2002