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June 20 1998 3:30 AM

News from academe.

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Vienna Noise Choir


After a long and contentious residence at the University of Southern California, the Arnold Schönberg Center has decamped to Vienna, the city of the 12 tone composer's birth. Unhappy with USC's attempt to include conventional classical music in the institute's music courses and concerts, Schönberg's descendants successfully sued USC for "neglecting its contract" with the institute. The university had to underwrite the costs of moving the institute's archives and library to a lavish new space at the Palais Fanto in Vienna, where its budget will be tripled in size. The new institute opened its doors in March.


Fair Harvard

The Boston Globe has published a hard-hitting four part series on Harvard University. The series emphasizes that Harvard's prestige has never been greater: Its endowment is vast and its faculty unparalleled. But, the Globe notes, Harvard has accepted donations from foreign dictators, routinely denied tenure to brilliant young faculty, and refused to spend more than a sliver of its almost $13 billion endowment on increased financial aid. One highlight: The Kennedy School of Government is offering more and more minicourses and Harvard certificates to luster-seeking world leaders. Over the past six years, the school has trained "virtually all senior Russian military officers," taking them to visit the "average" American suburb of Wakefield, Mass., as part of their education.