Fran Lebowitz essays: Stream audio of “Writing: A Life Sentence.”

Listen to Fran Lebowitz Read Her Funniest Essay

Listen to Fran Lebowitz Read Her Funniest Essay

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Reading between the lines.
Sept. 7 2012 11:00 PM

Lebowitz Goes Electric

Fran Lebowitz finally records her own audiobooks. Listen to her classic essay “Writing: A Life Sentence.”


The essays Fran Lebowitz wrote for Interview and Mademoiselle in the 1970s were jaded, sharp-edged, and hilarious. Lebowitz’s voice is inimitable, and that’s why it’s always been such a shame that Lebowitz never recorded herself reading those essays. Until now. This month, Random House Audio finally releases The Fran Lebowitz Reader on audio, read by Lebowitz herself. We’re pleased to present, in full, Lebowitz’s classic essay “Writing: A Life Sentence,” as read by the woman herself.