Newt Gingrich now says the president “technically” can’t even obstruct justice.

Gingrich Now Says POTUS Can’t Even Obstruct Justice, Despite Impeaching Bill Clinton for It

Gingrich Now Says POTUS Can’t Even Obstruct Justice, Despite Impeaching Bill Clinton for It

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June 17 2017 3:31 PM

Newt Gingrich Now Says the President “Technically” Can’t Even Obstruct Justice

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There should be a daily column called: Things Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich Used to Think vs. Things Newt Gingrich Random American Now Thinks and Often Says Out Loud on Fox News. The one-time architect of the “Republican Revolution” in 1994, which petered out four years later forcing him from the speakership and coupled with questionable ethical moves ultimately from congress altogether, managed a second act in American politics by starting the Draft Newt presidential bid in 2012 that no one was exactly clamoring for. For Newt’s third, more visibly desperate, act, the one-time leader of the Republican party’s new strategy appears to be saying outlandish, often incoherent things diametrically opposed to what he’s said previously in an effort to support Donald Trump.

Gingrich, for instance, during the 2016 campaign joined Trump in bashing NAFTA—a free-trade deal he, of course, played a key role in getting passed. The most recent addition to the list of Gingrich reversals is his absurd stance that now that Donald Trump is president, the president of the United States is not even capable of obstructing justice. "Technically, the President of the United States cannot obstruct justice," Gingrich told the crowd at the National Press Club Friday during an event promoting his new book, wait for it, Understanding Trump. "The President of the United States is the chief executive officer of the United States. If he wants to fire the FBI director, all he's got to do is fire him."


Newt Gingrich’s views on obstruction of justice are a wee bit divergent from when his role as the Speaker of the House was LEADING the charge against President Bill Clinton and VOTING to impeach Clinton for articles of impeachment that included, among other things, an obstruction of justice charge. "What you have lived through for 2.5 long years is the most systematic, deliberate obstruction-of-justice, cover-up, and effort to avoid the truth we have ever seen in American history," Gingrich said in 1998. "The American people have the right to expect that the rule of law will prevail, that no one is above the law," Gingrich said on the House floor the same year. Times sure have changed.