Don King introducing Trump: "Sliding and gliding nigger, I mean negro ..."

Don King Randomly Says “N----r” While Introducing Trump

Don King Randomly Says “N----r” While Introducing Trump

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Sept. 21 2016 11:41 AM

Don King Randomly Says “N----r” While Introducing Trump

Don King with Donald Trump and Mike Pence on Wednesday in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

It seemed almost inevitable that Donald Trump's presidential campaign would involve some sort of shocking public utterance of the word nigger. Wednesday morning it happened when Trump supporter (and convicted murderer) Don King was introducing Trump at an event at a church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio:

The transcript:


To be honest, I can't make heads or tails of what King is trying to say there, other than it's a point about how black people will always be viewed as black first and foremost no matter what else they do? In any case, a very awkward moment, to which Trump supporter/ex-military wingnut Michael Flynn reacted particularly ... awkwardly:

Here's Trump's reaction:


Incidentally, another (black) pastor had made a Jim Crow reference a few minutes earlier:

And for what it's worth, here's Trump (in 2013) retweeting a Twitter user complaining that a (presumably) black person was using "the 'N' word" even though Paula Deen was criticized for doing so (!):

On Wednesday night, Fox News is airing a Trump town hall event for black voters that is being held at the Cleveland Heights church. It's a strange election.