Cory Booker-Toni Yates rescues dog: Newark mayor's latest turn as superhero involved a freezing dog.

Cory Booker's Latest Turn as Real-Life Superhero

Cory Booker's Latest Turn as Real-Life Superhero

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Jan. 25 2013 1:14 PM

The Latest Chapter in Cory Booker's Superhero Narrative Involves a Freezing Dog

Cory Booker is still Cory Booker. The full-time Newark mayor and part-time New Jersey superhero is back in the news today for coming to the rescue of a dog left out in the cold yesterday by his owner. Was it a good deed? Undoubtedly. But as you'll see if you watch the full cllp below, this one doesn't exactly deserve a mention in the same sentence with that time he ran into a burning building to save his neighbor's daughter.

For those of you who missed it, those parting words of advice offered by local reporter Toni Yates were: "By mistake or on purpose, pets can die in this bitter cold. So if you know of an animal being left outside, speaking up might save its life." It's easy to criticize Yates for jumping an untold number of links in the local chain of command to ask Booker for help—and lord knows I was about to—but it looks like she did indeed start at the bottom before calling in the big guns.



How you feel about whether Booker needed to show up himself (he apparently arrived only moments before a police cruiser did), meanwhile, will probably depend on where you come down on the whole idea of public-gestures-as-public-service vs. the best use of a mayor's time.

Josh Voorhees is a Slate senior writer. He lives in northeast Ohio.