Veep’s most creative insults: Watch Fast Company’s supercut of the shows best put-downs (VIDEO).

Watch a Supercut of Veep’s Most Creative, Profane Insults

Watch a Supercut of Veep’s Most Creative, Profane Insults

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May 25 2015 2:16 PM

Veep’s Most Creative, Profane, Flat-Out Hilarious Insults


There are many praiseworthy aspects to Veep’s comedy, but the easiest to admire are the insults. Much like In the Loop, or really anything departing showrunner Armando Ianucci has made, the series is a pioneer in profanity, with characters routinely blurting ingenious slurs, wacky put-downs, and maledictions of bracing hilarity.

Many have attempted to showcase the best of these insults, but the folks at Fast Company, I think, have done an especially good job with their compilation. My personal favorite: Selina Meyer responding to some inane advice with “I’d rather set fire to my vulva, so that’s a no.”

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