Serial podcast spoilers: No Thanksgiving episode, so we discuss alternative theories, Reddit, and more (AUDIO).

Are There Alternative Theories to the Crime on Serial? We Discuss What the Podcast Hasn’t.

Are There Alternative Theories to the Crime on Serial? We Discuss What the Podcast Hasn’t.

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Nov. 26 2014 2:50 PM

Are There Any Plausible Alternative Theories to the Crime on Serial?

This week, we discuss details that Serial, so far,has not.

Detail from the Baltimore Sun, Feb. 26, 2000

There is no new episode of Serial, the investigative podcast from This American Life, arriving tomorrow, on account of the Thanksgiving holiday. So this week on the Serial Spoiler Special we’re discussing things the podcast hasn’t brought up: additional details about the crime and the trial, the latest from the Innocence Project investigation, documents shared by Rabia Chaudry, and more.


Next week we’ll go back to our usual routine, reviewing only those things that Sarah Koenig herself brings up on Serial. So feel free to skip this episode and join us again for our discussion of Episode 10. If, on the other hand, you’d like to catch up on some of the reading material we talk about in this edition, we recommend the subreddit devoted to Serial, the CJR piece from Nov. 19 about the Innocence Project, Rabia Chaudry’s latest blog post, and the ThinkProgress piece about Serial and journalistic ethics

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