Serial episode 5, Route Talk, podcast recap: Discuss and debate the latest episode from Sarah Koenig (AUDIO).

What Did You Make of the Latest Episode of Serial? We Discuss the Riveting New Podcast.

What Did You Make of the Latest Episode of Serial? We Discuss the Riveting New Podcast.

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Oct. 24 2014 11:14 AM

What Did You Make of the Latest Episode of Serial?

Serialinvestigates a 15-year-old murder that took place in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Photo courtesy of This American Life

Here’s something we haven’t done before: a Spoiler Special podcast about ... another podcast. But Serial, the new podcast from This American Life, is so gripping and confounding we had to discuss it. On the first season of the show, Sarah Koenig and her fellow producers are investigating the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. Did the police get the right man? Or is Adnan Syed, Lee’s ex-boyfriend, locked up for a brutal crime he didn’t commit?

As always with the Spoiler Special, this is meant to be heard after you’ve caught up with the work under discussion—in this case, Episode 5 of Serial, the one called “Route Talk.” We’ll be discussing new episodes of Serial each week, and we hope you’ll join us. After you’ve heard what we think of the latest developments in the the show’s investigation, let us know your own thoughts and questions in the comments.


Update: To get future episodes as soon as they’re available, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. And you can find all of the Spoiler Specials in our archive.

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